Southern Oregon University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who like the city life wouldn't enjoy Ashland. Ashland is more for the nature-loving student. The campus is surrounded with big trees all around. A person who would feel more comfortable in a large classroom setting wouldn't love SOU. SOU has small classes with a small student to teacher ratio.


It is kind of hard to know what kind of person shouldn't attend Southern Oregon University because I feel that everyone is capable of attending this university. I have met people that didn't want to be in college in the first place and throughout the year, they began to love the school and schol itself. It really does grow on you. I believe anyone who is interested in a quality education should attend SOU.


Someone who is looking for a city like life style. This is a small town small campus feeling. If you want to go clubbing every weekend this isn't the campus for you. If you like heat all the time this also is not the campus for you.


SOU is a liberal arts school and is mostly focused in helping the community around and bringing diversity everywhere. I think if you are the person who isn't into diversity as much should probably not stay on campus. I'm not saying that they shouldn't go to SOU because SOU is a great school to go to and gives plenty of opportunities, it's only if a person has a hard time with being involved with diversity and doesn't want to be a part if it.


Closed minded people.


In my opinion there is no specific kind of person who shouldn't attend Southern Oregon University. I believe the more diverse the students attending this university are, the more acceptable students will become in current and future life. All people are created equally and there should never be any forms of discrimination in any situation. I will always agree completely with the following statements, "Don't judge a book by its cover"...and "Treat others the way you expect to be treated." Life is too short for discrimination of any form and I will believe that till I die.


A closed minded individual would have a very difficult time at SOU.


There are not any kinds of people who should not attend this school. The people who attend SOU are open minded and welcoming to all students. It makes the campus and student base more diverse to have a wide variety of people attend.


Someone who is homophobic and isnt open minded