Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


One of the best schools I ever attended!


Southern Polytechnic is very diverse.


SPSU is culturally diverse and small so you are not just a face in the crowd.


A place where hardworking individuals come to get a great education at a reasonable price


Southern Polytechnic State University is a small and interactive school that does all it can to help students succeed.


My school is the most wonderful and authenthic school you could attend.


Our school is a very friendly and helpful University.


Southern Polytechnic State University is the most amazing, not known college in georgia.


Southern Poly is a small university of technology, providing students with resources current to the fields they would like to enter. The academic experience here is what you make of it: there is ample opportunity to dive deeper into subject matter and really become an expert at your craft. It is a great place to find your potential and develop the necessary skills to reach your long-term goals.




It is a small school giving many benifits and a good future outlook.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a decently-sized campus with an amalgamation of old and new buildings, plenty of friendly students, and a rockin' Health and Wellness Center.


This school is mainly comprised of people who either already, or intend to, apply their education in real world jobs within their areas of study.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a big and nice looking school.


Southern Poly is a small, quiet engineering school in the misdst of a big city, providing you with the best of both worlds.


My school is an excellent school but I believe it still has many different areas it can improve on.


Southern Poly is a practical school, that teaches application opposed to theory.


Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) is a good university because it provides students the best knowledge and technologies. It allows students to interact and grow up in academic environment. Students have opportunities to voice their ideas and opinions to faculties and professors. SPSU is a really nice place for higher education.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a challenging yet rewarding college that is the right size; not to big but not to small, so no student gets left behind.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a small college that offers alot to studnets wishing to continue education in fields with Engineering, or Architecture.


My college is filled to the rim with people who act, talk, joke, laugh, think, and work like me.


This is not a big school, but the atmosphere is great. There is always someone there to answer questions and help you out, whether it is professors or other staff members. This school is great and one of the best schools to attend for engineering.


My school is a good environment where students can learn and prepare themselves for the competitive career world outside of college.


The opportunities available at SPSU make it a fun and exciting place to attend but at the same time, also allow students to pursue nearly any feild of study they want with real advice from professors who worked in the "real world" application of those feilds.


Southern Polytechnic State University is an engineering school with a ton of diversity.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a well rounded versatile community offering many programs at an affordable price.


Known for engineering, Southern Poly Tech caters to students through providing revolutionized academic implementations, such as: Smartboards, teacher WebPages, and vast research databases, accompanied by stout curriculums, taught by knowledgeable, caring, exigent teachers; all this enveloped by the school?s aesthetic campus layout, offers students quality education; as Napoleon Hill, an early American writer of personal success literature and advisor to president Roosevelt, once said ?we begin to see, therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.?


My school is boring.




My school seems ok so far.


SPSU is constantly renovating the campus.


Southern Polytechnic is an institution grounded in helping students do their best at reaching higher learning respected fields while also providing a college experience.


Southern Poly is a smaller campus with great students and professors.