Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Self motivated individuals, determined, dedicated, focused people. This is a great school you just have to stay focus and study to make sure that you are reaching your full potential.


I think people who want to be an engineer or design games should attend SPSU more than any other type of person. I also think people who want to go somewhere that isn't to expensive and has a lot of good programs should go there too.


The people who should attend our college are students who are dedicated and motivated to get their degree and learn. This is not a school for the half-hearted and if you are not dedicated enough to do all your work or get involved in campus life, it will be a long college life for you. This school is also designed for students who don't intend to be limited to four years to get their degree. It is for people who are expanding their world and everything around them.


People who are hard working and career focused. People who know the right balance of work and play. Also someone who wants to attend a 4 year univeristy/ technology school.


A person who likes to be able to go to their professor with questions and concerns should attend this school. That is why I transferred here from Georgia Institute of Technology.


People who want to ready for a work load and ready to just learn. This school seems very demanding but with there demand it semms they have a great pay off. I took and Architecture course for three weeks to just get into the flow of things. It really helped opeen mines and alot of other students eyes in to becoming an architect,


Persons who are willing to do the extra work and focus on the tasks they are given. Teachers here will help you , but you must be willing to help yourself as well


There is not a specific type or kind of person that attends this school. This school is full of diversity and there are people from all over the world attend this school and teach at this school. A wide variety of degrees and programs are offered to anybody that is interested. This is a great school for people who like technology, architecture, math, arts, history, and much more. If someone is just looking for a great college experience with a great education, then this is a great school to attend.


Anyone looking for a cheaper tuition, smaller student/teacher ratio, and definitely looking for a math/engineering/science degree.


Anyone attending this school should be ready to dedicate themselves 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. The courses are not a joke and require allot of outside studying. This is a science & technology so most of the classes are geared towards people interested in those areas.


People who attend this school are usually good in math and sciences. This is an engineering school after all. There are some artistic people here who take architecture or fashion design but the majority of the students are engineering related. A lot of people here play video games in there spare time but there are some sports provided by the school such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, baseball, and soccer. I think this school gives equal opportunity to everyone.


I think the person who is wanting to finish is academic career at the same time expand on social interaction should come here.


The kind of person that shoild attend this school should be carrer driven and want to accomplish something out of life. All personalities are all welcome and should attend. If you want to make something out of life, this is the school for you.


Southern Polytechnic State University is an mainly an Engineering school. But it also caters to students with an interest in IT, Psychology and Architecture. There're other majors as well but they're not as popular as the ones that I've mentioned. SPSU is a great school for students who love to be hands in with what they like to do and would love pursue as a career.


Any student that is willing to push themselves. A student that is excited about learning because the professors want to teach. A student that want to gain leadership abilities, we provide many chances for that!


Students who flourish at SPSU are those with a passion for their vocation. The work load can be immence and general education classes are thorough. Such an academic load requires a lot of self-initiated study outside of class to legitimately comprehend the material taught. It takes a deciplined individual to stay on top of the expected level of study at Southern Poly. This is a great school for those who are structured and enjoy the freedom to develop a personal learning style.


A person who likes small classes and engaged in learning.


I believe any person could attend this school and enjoy it. People that enjoy not only lerning about new technology, but also using new technology would enjoy SPSU. We have hands on learing in almost every class, and the teachers are great at helping you understand the material. If you like small classrooms and teacher interaction (not a class taught by a T.A.) then this is the place for you.


Southern Poly is a school where students sit in small classes of about 10-30, maybe 40, students, depending on the subject. The professor has the ability to get to know you and is more willing to work you, because of the smaller class size. Southern Poly is an engineering school with both technology and engineering degrees. This works as an advantage compared to other school because you get to experience either hands-on or theoretical teachings. Overall, if you enjoy one-on-one teaching styles, work well with your hand, think outside of the box, it's for YOU!


The students who are interested and want to attend a school with Engineering fields, SPSU should be the school to consider, since there is more emphasis in this category. Also, students who are more into hands-on (technical) learning/projects, this fits is that category very well.


People that want to be challenged in your school work should attend here. Also, people who look to excel, like small class sizes, and want a good chance of being set up with a good job when graduating.


Anyone intersted in obtaining a technology degree. if you are black this school is good for you. it has one of the highest rates for african americans in the south.


Anyone looking for one of the freat degrees offered here at SPSU. Academcally, it is a great school and it is also very easy to get involved on campus. This is not a school for "party animals."


Someone looking for a smaller school experiance. They should also be comfortable asking questions and meeting with teachers for help. This school also has a lot of tecnology related degrees.


focused and enthusiastic people should attend. You need to stay focused and keep up with all your work to recieve a really good grade.


If a person wants a school that has lots of patries and alcohol SPSU is not for you. Also if you are going to college expecting lots of girls SPSU is the wrong choice. Someone who plans on attending Southern Polytechnic State University should be career minded and serious about their education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who really wants to be involved with the school. If you want a personal environment where the staff and proffessors around campus know you and can help you than Southern Poly is good for you. Its by no means an easy school but you do not have to go through college as just another student of 20,000.


Southern Polytechnic State University is a school for all. I myself am a divorced single mother returning to school to advance my career but attend classes with students half my age. By having such a diverse group of students, its makes the classroom mirror the real world. I feel this helps prepare students for life after graduation.


Students who can be dedicated to schoolwork.


This school is for rational/analytical people. also, the student population is mostly male.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be focused, ready to work hard, and very responsible. A person that likes smaller class sizes and is involved in dissucssions. They should be ready to be push to their best ability and do hands-on interaction in their field of study.


People who attend Southern Polytechnic State University should be logical thinkers with knowledge of technology because most classes require some knowledge of computers and most of our majors have to do with technology, whether it is computers or engines.


Someone who is very interested in a "hands on approach" to learning science and engineering. The classes here are small and devoted to teaching students not only through lecture, but through actually building systems and setting up experiments. This type of school allows for students to be better prepared for what they will see once they enter their careers, and therefore, the students will outperform their peers from other universities.


The type of person that should attend this school is one that is into gaming of any kind, simply because many people here enjoy playing video games. This shouldn't stop your average student from attending this school either though. I personally have met plenty of people who enjoy participating in extra-curricular activities, sports as well. In fact, SPSU's soccer team was ranked #4 in the National Rankings in 2009.


If you are interested in technology and any of its surrounding areas of study you should attend this school. Also if you like smaller class sizes as i do this school is just right for you.


Someone with an interest in math and science


Anyone who is looking for an engineering career or architecture for sure. If you enjoy desiging and building this school is definately for you.


The type of person who attends this school (in my degree) has to be self taught and modivated. Experience in the field prior to enrollment will greatly benefit your learning and understanding of the material. Which is presented to you in an overloaded cram session.


A very ambitious and motivated person that is eager to gain education with a respected institution. Someone who has perserverence and is eager to achieve thier goal.


I think a person that is ready for a challenge, in a relax environment, should attend Southern Poly. Someone that likes to learn in a small class environment and that likes one-on-one time with the teachers to ask questions or get help.


Anyone who desires to become a professional or advance their career.


people who are interested in technical careers should attend this school.


Someone who cares very little about anything other than going to class and going home