Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would say that the type of person who should not attend this school would be someone who is looking to party for the duration of their time in college. Although there ARE parties that go on, someone who is looking to constantly party would be quite disappointed as they realize that there are not many parties that go on at this school


The kind of person that should not attend Southern Polytechnic State University is someone who is not self-driven. If one is not motivated, they will find it hard to get good grades and accomplish the tasks required in the allotted time.




People who are not hard working and career focused should not attend this school. Also people who do not want to go to a 4 year univeristy or techology school.


Students who wants the full college experience should not attend this university.


Someone who really isnt intersted in the sciences or math.


Southern Polytechnic is generally oriented for students that want to pursue a path in engineering or computing. SPSU isn't a liberal arts school and never will be. If one is looking to go into political science, teaching, or acquiring an art degree then SPSU is not the place to go. Also, SPSU doesn't have a very large campus, and students generally go home during the weekend. So if one is looking for a campus that has something going on at all times, then SPSU might not be your cup of tea.


Someone who likes big crowds. A person who expects to party all the time should not come to this school, also someone who does not like to get involved in campus activities should avoid coming to SPSU. The more you are involved, the more fun you will have!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that enjoys partying. This school is very competitive and one must be really focused and dedicated in order to succeed. Also, most majors at Southern Polytechnic invole quite a bit of math and science. A person who doesn't want take all these math and science classes might not like it here.


There aren't too many types of people that shouldn't attend Southern Poly. Due to the fact that it is a smaller-scaled school, I wouldn't recommend any type of people that are looking to study at a school with a larger population of students to study here. Other than that, I think that Southern Poly accomodates a wide variety of people.


Someone who is not technology oriented.


Someone who wants smaller class rooms, who wants to be able to communicate with their teachers and not feel like they are just one student out of one hundred students in a class room. Someone who wants to be taught by a professor and not a teacher's aid.


Someone that doesn't like to succeed and achive goals.




The diversity of Southern Polytechnic is quite broad and anllows most any person to find a group of friends and become social. The only reason a person should not attend this college is if they are not prepared to work. The classes and organizations will not just teach you what you should learn but also make you apply it.


If you are really into a social life and want to join Greek life this is not the right school for you. This school is more academically focused and doesn't have a lot of sports or social activities.


The type of person who shouldn't attend Southern Poly is a day bird. For the simple reason that to many people here are night owls. Also, if your roommate is an Architecture major, like my self, you will be woken up at two or three in the morning, if not later.


Someone who cannot work on their own without direction should not attend this school. People who are not able to push themselves to meet strict and short deadlines.


Everyone, who wants to become engineers or works technical careers, should go to this school to. However, students who want to become doctor or lawyers, should not go to this school.


Anyone with a desire for a quality education for a good price. Southern Poly's tution is very cheap and the education provided (for the most part) is of very good quality. Many of the othe proffesors have worked in the fields they teach so they have hands on expirience and are aware of what they are talkin about.


This school is moderately diverse and could accommodate most students needs. The weakest point I would presume would be the art criteria, but then again, this is a very technical school, hence polytechnic. In respect to the technical courses, a person looking to focus on the theory, rather than the application, would probably be happier at other institutes. The theory can still be learned, esspecially if the student is self motivated, but it isn't the focus of the institution. Students looking for a strong administrative department would probably much happier at different institutions.


People that have the mindset that college will be like high school and think they can get through college by doing the least amount of work and make it.


One that doesn't want to get anything out of college


People who are interested in art should not attend Southern Polytechnic State University because our school has a very limited selection of art based classes.


Anyone who doesn't want to work, or study, there is a little partying in the fraternities but it is not required to join said fraternities


Southern Polytechnic State University doesn’t have any stereotypes, so I would encourage anyone seeking technical degrees to take a look! Southern Poly is quiet and safe school that has smaller classes that allow one on one time with your professors. The class options are extensive, making it easy to create a schedule that works for you, day or evening!


Someone that should not attend SPSU is a peron who loves to party. We barely have any parties here so if one wants a school that has a big party life, they should not attend this school. Or if he/she want a wide variety of ethnicities, this is not the right school for them.


That kind that wants the full college experience and came from a major social life in high school. Also I think minorities would be better off at a school that gives more money to them.


This is a college that appeals to the mechanical, analitical student. It has hands-on learning and appeals to those that really want to do more labs and hands-on work than book work.


Any male in search of a girlfriend that doesn't speak chinese.


Someone interested in liberal arts.


Someone with bad work ethic and poor study habits should not come here.


Any person that does not like technology or likes to study alot should not attend this school. Southern Poly is a technology University so an interest in technology is necessary. Also, this University prepares you for exciting careers that require lots studying and discipline. If you cannot take school seriously and do not have an interest in today's technologies, then this University is not for you.


Being an engineering school, if you are intersted in liberal arts, fine arts, or most humanities, there are schools close by that would better suite you. It is a very conservavtive school in every way imaginable, which is reflected by its student body. Very diverse when it come to ethnicity, there are a large number of international students, who often times bring many cultural values with them; creating learning both in and out of the classroom.


A person that is not strongly motivated and commited to doing work should not attend Southern Poltech. Students who are lazy and expect to get through a class by doing the bare minimum also would not do well at my school. Southern Polytech is also not a big party school, so those who expect to come and party every day would be very disappointed.


A student who does not work hard, does not like to listen well to instructions, or is unable to walk prolonged distances in order to advance to their final building destination should not attend this University. This school is heavy and stricked on assignments and project deliverables as well as detailed mathematical calculations for many of the engineering and structural engineering programs. There is no bus access for students and it is quite difficult for many handicapped individuals to access certain parts of the University without commuting great distances.