Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To know something is not always the key to success. I wish I had more wisdom to carry out my educational deciscions in a more effecient and timely manner. I now know that this wisdom comes from many others who have gone down similar paths ahead of my time. Coming to the realization that others are very willing to pass down such vital wisdom was the knowledge needed before entering my current institution.


I wish I had packed warmer clothes, being from south Georgia the change in climate is pleasant but surprising.


I wish I had known where to find scholarships for my major, because I'm currently struggling to pay for school.


I wish i had better study skills befor i came to college. i have to be more active in my eduaction then i did befor just to receive a good mark.


How to study correctly for Exams.


I wish I would have known that I needed my official college transcript sent from the university I dual enrolled in while in highschool sent to SPSU. But, this advice can be applied to any school. Just make sure you have all your registration stuff together well in advance when applying for college.


I wish I would have know how much math would be required from the beggining. I had been out of school for ten years and I was not prepared for math. This school does not have remedial math courses so I struggled at first but I am doing good now.


The one thing I wish I knew Before coming to Southern Poly was how few girls go to the school. Granted, there is more than two in the whole school, but guys outnumber girls by three to one easily. While this fact is of minor consequence to me, I don't have time for a girlfriend, it is nice to know all the facts beforehand.


This school is everything that it advertises. It is an engineering school that focuses on career-attainment rather than the theoretical side of Engineering.


I recently graduated from Athens Technical College and will begin at SPSU on the 16th of May. This question is difficult to answer because I have not begun any classes. I wish I had known the amount of scholarships available similar to this one.


Really....nothing. I had a few friends that graduated from Southern Poly, and they were very happy with the education they had recieved. I also knew that I wanted to go to an engineering school.


I wish I had known more about the area surrounding campus. It was somewhat of a culture shock for me when I moved here.


This school is all work. If you come here, dont expcet to play around alot. there are some cool things going on sometime, but make sure you prioritize your time correctly. and if you need to go to an office, go earily. if you wait time will slip by.


Through my own personal research I had learned quite a bit about the school before attending, but there are some things you can only learn while attending an institution. Something I wish I had known about this particular school was how it's administrative system compares to my previous institution. My previous college was phenominal, and this school is sub par. The focus on the students is drastically less, and seems to me more focused on the business aspect of college. Which, unfortunately, I am afraid may be the case for many larger institutions.


That it was a solid school.


How much professors at this school actually cared. I heard stories of how many professors at universities are not very helpful and leave you to struggle on your own, but in reality they love to help you just have to approach them. If I knew this I would have gotten help a lot sooner.


I wish I had known that it was going to be hard to get some of my credits to transfer and that some of them wouldn't at all.


I wish I were more aware of student research opportunities for undergraduate students. I am currently giving serious thought to continuing my education to the graduate level and pursuing a careet in research.


I am happy to say the only thing i wish i had known before attending is what scholarship oppotunities they offered, but the deadlines had passed when i applied. Otherwise as long as you did some research you get a pretty good feel for the place.


There's really nothing about the school that I find dissatisfactory. I am very pleased with all aspects of the campus including the beauty, good food, student orientation and activities, campus life, classes, work load, and the staff and their dedication and concern towards my education.


I wish I had been more informed concerning the scholarships they offered. Aside from being oblivious to the financial awards offered, I am content with the information I was aware of prior to enrolling here.


I wish I would have known about more of the grants and schlorships that I could have applied for. And that I could have transfered to another university for my degree if I choose to. (Instead of being told I would have to re-do the majority of my classes. I know that they can't help the ecomony, but there are no jobs out there.


Some majors such as architecture can be very exspensive, as well as time consuming. The variety of majors offered is very limited, however it is easy to move to another school that offers different majors close by. If they do have a feild of study that you would like to persue, most of the staff are top notch and willing to work with you, and adding in the small class sizes, its a great university.


Often people say how hard college is and how much work there is to be done. While that all may be true, during my time in college i find the most difficult thing is decision making. It would have been nice if someone informed me of the many hard and important decisions there were to be made in college. Although im doing pretty good now, I might have been a little better off if i was informed.


Nothing really I like the school its a good school to start at . If your trying to continue your education in engineering or computers.


I wish i knew more about the variety of students to meet at my school. Everybody seems to be the same and like the same things. I am guessing it is because it is a technical school, with specific majors. I also wish i knew the guy to girl ratio because i just see guys walking around campus. I wish i knew my major before going to this school because i changed it to biology after i started here.


How busy I will get and better time management.


In all honesty; my major - I would be graduating sooner and easier than I am currently expecting to.