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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and give some advice to my senior self, I would tell her to definitely apply to more scholarships. Although I looked around online a little bit, I mostly just applied to the ones that were handed to me. I would advise my younger self to really search scholarships out, because suddenly seeing the bill that you owe is pretty eye-opening and a little... shall we say, sickening? I also made the mistake of waiting a semester before going to school. Though I did have some health problems that I was attempting to deal with, I would definitely advise myself to go to school anyway. Waiting a semester might work for some people, but it surely didn't work for me, and I do regret the decision. I definitely felt judged by everone wondering "why is she still around?" and I will probably be taking summer classes if I can in an attempt to "catch up". Lastly, I would tell my younger self to keep close to friends and family. You don't know how much you take these people for granted until you're 18 hours away, or at least I didn't.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to really think about my major choice and put some really good thought into it. I have switched my major several times since I started college and it has made my process a little slower than others. Even if a professor says, "You only have to show up for class for tests", show up for every class! I was thrilled with the independence given to me upon the start of my first year at college. Stay organized and keep up with school work. It was much easier to turn in late work in high school because your teacher knew you on a more intimate level. In college a deadline is a deadline and that’s that! I would go back and tell myself to stay smart, keep a good head on my shoulders, and strive for the best. Doing well in college can only open doors and lead to a fulfilling adult life-with the job of my dreams. Above all-enjoy college for all it's worth, after all, these are supposed to be the best years of your life.


As the years pass by, we all tend to look back and want to change certain things. I am currently 24 years old. I graduated with a bachelor's in criminal justice in 2012. I was so excited, and just wanted to rush and graduate. I graduated with a low GPA not allowing me to really be considered for a Master's program. My fault was to rush and graduate without really focusing on my grades. If i could go back to high school, i would have stuck with my gut instincts and followed the harder academic path. Time is going to pass by anyways, no one should rush. I look back now being 24, and i wish i could have followed Forensic Sciences rather than Criminal Justice and took my time focusing on my grades. We all look back on our mistakes and think what if, but at the same time you learn from every experience. I now am trying to do a second bachelor's in what i originally wanted. It is never to late to fix your mistakes.


Dear Keonna, Please know sometimes life isn't what you planned it to be. As you have learned in high school, people have the opportunity to either make or break their post-graduation plans. You chose to go to college and make something even better out of yourself; despite your circumstances. Please remember that you can't plan EVERYTHING. Yes, you may plan what you need to do (as a task leader), but you sometimes need to roll with the flow. For example, you wouldn't want to plan your first kiss...that's really awkward, huh? Just know things happen for a reason....and everything will turn out better than what you expect. On another note....stop being so stuck in your ways. Branch out! Meet new people, socialize, get into some fun trouble. Do something other than schoolwork. Trust me, you have a long time to work, but little time to play. Love yourself, love others, and teach others to do the same! If you don't treat your time wisely, you will miss out on opportunities you would never imagine. I love you!


I would study more, focus more, pay attention! Instead of daydreaming and worrying about what others think or if I have a date for the weekend, I would pay attention to my teachers. I would thank my teachers for having patience and for trying their best to teach me something. College life is a lot harder....professors don't wait on you like high school teachers. If you're out, you better find the assignments you missed and get the work turned in. College life is different because it's your dime, not living life free as a bird like it is in high school.


After leaving college in 1996 due to bipolar disorder, I am returning in 2011 to finish what I have started. I am gaining personal growth, insight and education for my goal of becoming an RN. It is valuable for me to attend because bipolar has been hard to live with and so continuing to strive for my goal gives me a feeling of self-worth, while hopefully giving me the education I need to once again become a contributing member of society. College gives me the opportunity to re-gain a social life by making new contacts (personal and professional) that will help in my current life and in future goals. This scholarship will help ensure that I can continue to attend college and have enough money to support myself and my family.


Well you truly do have more freedom in college. I have done alot of growing up during my first semester in college. I value you the time I have spent in college so much because I have gotten to experience so much. Coming from a small town I did not realize that there was so much more to the world and I really value the new people I have been able to meet.


Being able to provide a living for my family. It has allowed me to go on and work on my Doctoral degree.


I feel like I have experienced the college feeling since leaving home. Just gaining that independent feeling away from the parents and everything. It also made me more independent because I didn't have someone looking over my shoulder or tell me what to do, which was a good and bad thing. The good part was that I could go pretty much wherever i needed to whenever, but then again I didnt have someone on my back about my school work. My first year at this college showed my more about the world then when I was in highschool, it was a new chapter in my life and i understood that i was getting older. I feel like God has lead me to this college to obtain an amazing christian ministry education, which is why I am applying for this scholarship.


Next quarter marks the half-way point of my university experience: I will graduate from the community college and set foot into the four-year institution which will present me with a bachelor?s degree. Such an occasion not only is the source of my extreme joy and enthusiasm, but is a sign of accomplishment for me personally. After experiencing a delay in my education upon marriage and the birth of my children, I found myself dissatisfied that I had not made the most of my talents, academically speaking. I graduated from high school with a 3.9 GPA and excelled in a foreign language, so you can imagine how important school was for me. As the love for my family grew, so did the desire to continue my education to become a positive example for my children. Going to college has been an invaluable experience which confirms my belief that there exists no obstacle that I cannot overcome. The challenge of maintaining exceptional grades while raising a family has forced me to become a stronger woman, a superior wife, and a more capable mother. Words cannot express the innumerable ways which college has enhanced my life and my character.


Before coming to this school i was acually at a community college back in New York, my home state. Me ending up here is quiet a long story and i have learned much about myself that i can honestly say i didnt know prior to coming to this campus. I never thought that i would ever even go away to school because my financial situation isn't a good one. I thank God that i was given some money to come to this school and play softball, but next year i really want to focus on my studies so i have to find money elsewhere. I have met so many poeple here that i have changed my life for the better and i feel much support from my peers and from my Professors. I also met my boyfriend here and am i just so grateful that i was blessed with the opportunity to come to this college, even though i miss my family each and every day knowing how far i am from them. With that being said it has shown me that i can survive on my own and be an independent individual.


I would tell students to take the work seriously. In today's society college is a prerequisite to life and the things you learn there are essential to your value in the job market. It's easy to goof-off in high school and ignore the privilege of an education, but college is hard work, requires focus and definite prioritizing. College provides a training ground for meeting intense deadlines, cultivating the art of reading and comprehension and critical thinking. You also have the chance to expand your world by meeting people from many different places, with many different world views and ideas. These are valuable skills. Take advantage of your opportunity!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there are many things I would change. I would advise myself to not skip class, and to be more attentive of my grades while in high school. I would also advise myself to not focus my decisions on how it would affect the time I had to spend with my friends, but the time I had to study.


Dear High School Senior Me, RELAX. You worked so hard to keep up all your grades in High School and that was the smartest thing you ever did. While most of your friends decided to slacked off their last year, you kept chugging along and what did that get you? Automatic acception to your number 1 school! Oh Yeah! And just wait until you get here and experience the freedom and fun of college! You will meet some of the best friends you will ever have and learn so much about yourself that you never knew. Now don't think that just because your done with High School means that college will be all fun and games, cause it won't. But you were the smart one who took all the right Advanced Placement and college-prep classes, so you are more than prepared for the next 4 years of your life. So keep up the good work this last year! Peace Out! College Freshman Me P.S. - don't tell anyone, but you get the highest grade in Biology your first semester in college!!! :-)


I would tell myself to take it more seriously, get up and get to class. Your teachers are there to help you so ask if you have a question. I would tell myself not to drop that French class just because it was early because it would have came in handy. Remeber to schedule your classes close together, not all the way across campus, running in the rain or snow is not fun. Most importantly I would tell myself to have fun, do what your gut tells you, because turns out, it was right on the money.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would tell myself three crucial points. One is to be prepared for every class by reading ahead of time. Second, always make a checklist of what you need to do each day as well as when packing to leave for college. Finally, to be myself always and try to make new friends.


If I had the opportunity to go back to my senior year and talk to myself, (if I would even listen), but I would tell myself not to be afraid of college. Go ahead and go to college, do not wait until adulthood. College is much easier and there are more opportunities available for the younger generation attending college. Take advantage of financial aid, apply for scholarships, not to be afraid to ask for help along the way and most important, take it seriously because this is your future. Go for it and enjoy the ride but make it count.


In terms of any new advice, I don't think I have any to give myself. If any, it would be what I always try to tell myself is to not to give up and to remain humble.


To find the right college, parents and students need to look at the Universtiy and the surrondings. Y ou as a parent and as a Student will be able to tell what kind of College is right for you by a feeling. The best way to know is to pray!


Relax and take it slowly. Life is life wherever you go.


look at the size and see how much student involvement there is and most important, talk to students who attend that school and get their opinion.


Parents should be involved in the college-choosing process, but should ultimately let the student decide which college is better for them. These students have been in school since they were five years old, with the exception of homeschooled students, and the parents have been out of school for 20+ years; the students know better which school will suit them. Rising freshmen should try to contact some Juniors/Seniors of the college, as well as professors, and get their first-hand experience. Examine all possible perspectives. Don't take the college at face value.


When looking for a college, it is important to think of it as your new home. Where are you going to be nurtured, inspired, cultivated, and appreciated for you efforts? It is also important to look at the emphasis the school places on your success. No matter how much money the school may give you, if they make you feel like you are going places, that is the school for you. Enjoy these years, they go by so fast! Make the most of your time by studying and proving to those who believe in you that you are something special.


Biggest advice would be to talk to several students on campus to see what campus life is like. Listening to the tour guides give you details about campus life is not accurate b/c they get paid to tell you what the school wants you to hear. If you play a sport, talk to an athlete. Get at least 5 different opinions from people of all ethnic backgrounds and then decide if this type of campus life is for you.


First figure out want you want to get out of college and what you want to be able to do when you are done with college. Then begin looking at school that can meet those needs.


Listen to the student's opinions. Don't just put them somewhere because of convience.


Start looking for scholarships early. You need to be able to base your college decision on the atmosphere, not on how expensive it is. And if you find a college that you know is for you, but the cost is too high, ask around for help. Ask your bank, ask your financial aid advisor, ask the school you like... there is always a way to attain your goal if you work at it.


Our college is God focused and good if you want your son or daughter to have good people around for good influences. It's fun, and when theres nothing to do there's always the random trps to wal-mart. We make it fun.


Look for a campus where you feel comfortable.


My advice to parents and students: Start early, have lots of options, and VISIT the campuses. One should really start looking at colleges the summer before the senior year high school. Make your campus visits in the fall, since that's when most colleges are busiest, and apply early. Most scholarship deadines are in February, and financial aid is awarded as early as March. As for finding the right school for you or your kid, my best advice is to look at aspects of schools like size, proximity to mom and dad, etc. And remember, there could be more than one school that's right for you. To make the most of your college experience- make college as different from high school as possible. If you stay close to home, LIVE ON CAMPUS!! So many students miss out on the college life after classes by commuting from home. To me, this a shame because they miss out on the experrience of living with people from all walks of life, and learning to adapt to that. Again, start the search early, keep your options open, and visit often. Once you get there, really commit. Get involved, stay on campus, and enjoy!


realize that price isn't everything, the poeple you will spend the next four years with are much more important


Finding the right college is all about finding an extension of yourself. You want these next four years, or maybe more, to be the most exciting time of your life. Not only will you be training for a career but also you will learn how to grow up and mature and become the person you where made to be. College allows you to experience new people and cultures, so get out there and go for it! Make college work for you, and to do that, just choose the one that best fits your lifestyle, beliefs and values.


Visit your campus before making the decision. Make sure that the school's rules are rules you can follow and if you can come up with more than 5 things you don't like about the school befoer you even attend it... don't go there. That list will only get bigger once you're there. Understand though that you won't find a college that is "you" such a neat part of college is that that is a place where you can find out who "you" are.


visit the school and pay attention to how people on campus interact with each other


Visit the colleges to get a feel of the atmosphere.


I would advise people to choose a college that has a desirable number of different degree options, classes, class sizes, teachers, and plenty of financial aid. Choose a school that is right for you.


If you want a school that will give you one of the best educational knowledge and have teachers that do care about your future and what you will become then SWU is the place for you.


Your process needs in choosing a college needs to start early. The earlier you start, the slower the process will be and that way you are not completely stressed 2 months before you graduate high school. In deciding where to go, I would strongly encourage to visit each campus of the colleges you apply to. Because the program may sound awesome, but as for your social life, it may not click at all. And when you do decide what college to go to, in order to get the best experience, I would encourage you to get out there and make friends! The friends you make at college last a lifetime. I know that because I have already been in one wedding, and will be in another in Jan. 2009. Get involved in the school's activities and have fun! These 4 or so years will help you define or rediscover who you really are.


To find the right college for you, it is vital that you find out all the right ingredients that you need that make up the perfect college for you. To find this out, you need to just think of what kind of person you are. Do you like alot of extra-cirriculars? Do you like large classes or small classes? Do you like cities or small towns? And the most important-how studious are you (because if you are not focused on getting the grades and passing the classes, then college is not for you)? These are just some of the questions that you would need to ask yourself. Also, write down all the answers on a sheet of paper. Many put so much emphasis on what the college ranking is, but in reality, the rankings do not really matter all that much. What matters most is for you to be submerged in an environment that you will excel in. What really matters is getting that degree.


Parents, let your children decide what college to go to, and give them advice when they ask. You know you raised your child to make good decisions so let us make them. Students, make the adult decisions your parents raised you to make. Don't just pick a school because you are trying to get away, or trying to rebel. Actually research the schools and pick the school that will work best for you academically, socially, and spiritually. Students don't forget about your studies during the first year. It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to fit in. Don't forget about your studies. Parents make sure your childs mini-fridge stays full, the food will start to get sickening eating it everyday.