Southern Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes I feel that minorities are seen as the black sheep. We don't get many events, nor invited to some. I was quite sad to see many students (and even facutly and staff) treat minorities a little differently. Pretty shocked for this to be a Christian school. Expected so much more.


No matter your major, every student is required to take certain religion courses. I am a Pre-Med major and have to take New Testament, Old Testament Survey, and because of I am in the Honors program, one of these has to be a course for religion majors. Its frustrating because I could be taking courses that would help with my major instead of these other religion classes. It's especially frustrating because I'm not Christian!


Meal plans and living options.


Some of the staff, especially the cafeteria and coaching staff do not accurately represent the school's Christian moral ethics. It is frusterating to have to deal with many of the higher-up cafeteria employees because they are often downright rude. Though I have not had to personally deal with any coaches, I have also heard that this is the case with them.


expense, work load


It is very expensive and since it is small it is hard sometimes to get a specific major.


not enough extra-curricular activities.