Southern Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Southern Wesleyan University is the community. It's a pretty small school, so you see alot of the same people and everyone, from professors, staff, and other students, are extremely friendly and really care about you. I feel like everyone is pretty close and even new students, such as myself, are made to feel included. There are alot of activities and events that you can be a part of to grow closer.


The atmosphere is the best thing. Everyone is so kind and has up-lifting spirit. The Chirstian atmosphere is genuine and nice.


I best thing about Southern Wesleyan University is that the campus is small and not only can you get to really know and work with your professors, but you get the chances to know a lot more people on campus in a more personal way than you could on a bigger campus.


I like that my school limits the size of classes so that each student can have personal time with the instructor.


I think the best thing about Southern Wesleyan is the interaction with my professors. With that, it seems that the professors want to really know you and not just some random student that they don't care about.


the community


It is small and a very loving community. Friends for life are made here and your spiritual life will grow as well.