Southwest Minnesota State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known a lot of little things, like where printing was available, and where to go for certain things, like sending mail. I also wish I had known what I wanted to major in because now I have to go to school an extra semester because I will not finish my major in 4 years. I wish I had realized how far SMSU is from my home, it was difficult in the beginning when I had no friends. I wish I had known about job availabitlity in Marshall as well.


I grew up in marshall which is where SMSU is located at I understood almost everything about the school and town. I guess if I had to say something that I wish I had known it would be: "When its all over the hard times don't seem as hard looking back and the good times seem even better." I think I would have put more effort into school and football in the beginning.


I wish I had more instuction in to how to study for certain kinds of classes. Studiying for classes that are simply recall of facts versus classes that deal in processes require different study skills.


How hard it is to get scholarships if you are just the average American (white, middle class).


Their is nothing I regret or wish I had known. I joined marching band my first year and made many new friends. I found my place at this college early on and am going to miss it when I graduate.


What I wanted to do with my life.


How cold it gets here and how there's no good parking spots.


How great of an experience it would be, and how involved the professors are in your education.


The way to study to pass the classes


I wish I would have listened more to the volleyball players before I signed with the team. I did not like playing here at all and I think if I would have listened to what the current players were saying about the program, I would have changed my mind.


The surronding activities thoughout the town, including places to eat and fun things to do.




I wish I would have known how close minded this campus can be towards new ideas. I wish I would have known more about the lack of activities that surround the school. It's not fun being in a town where everything is closed by ten at night.