Southwest Tennessee Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Considering I attend school during the day, I have found that most of my classmates are straight out of high school. Most are bright but some become very bored easily. Some do not know what they want to do and some are just taking classes so that they can transfer to the University of Memphis. I find that the older classmates are more focused and driven. I guess because they have grown up alot and most have worked in the real world for quiet sometime.


My classmates are wonderful, they can keep you entertained the whole time your there,but when its time to get serious they rise to the ocassion as well.


Some people are hard workers who want to learn and earn a degree to retrieve a great career for themselves while others are there only to have fun.


My classmates are attentive listeners, who getbtheir woork done, ask the teacher about anything they don't understand and help other students with no grudges.