Southwest Tennessee Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its best at helping you to get ready to transfer to a four year college.


My school is the perfect opportunity to transition from good to excellent.


My school is best known for there great faculty and teacher who take the time to help their fellow students . And we also known for their basketball team and food.


Southwest TN Community College is known for getting the same university learning at a lower cost. My best friend and I are both full-time college students. She goes to University of Memphis. Everyday she complains how she really doesnt know her profressors, and the rate of tution.


My school is best known for university quality of education for a community college price. Southwest Tennessee is one of the two colleges (Mid-South Community College being the other) that still offer a 2 year nursing program. The quality of my courses and my teachers knowledge is outstanding compared to my associates who go to University of Memphis and University of Tennessee - Memphis, both being 4 year programs only.