Southwest Texas Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Plan ahead, don't procrastinate, don't spend time watching tv, and study.


Apply for more scholarships and go to a 4yr university.


Start college in the teaching profession not anything else. The economy is going to dump and your health and back will be an issue in the future. You will lose all of your family and find the love of your life. You need to concentrate on school and not just go to make someone happy. Take only the classes you need not what you want. It is totally on your own at the university you choose. You are on your own and must learn to adapt to other people and the different types of teachers you will encounter. Make contacts and keep in touch with your friends and family. Get a day planner and write down everything you have due and what class it is for. This will really help you to stay on track and know what is going on. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take the bad with the good and don't let it get you down. Remember the first semester is the hardest. Everyone is learning to adjust and you are not alone in your new adventure. Don't waste time; use it wisely. Most of all love your new life.


When you are a senior in high school you think you hold the world in your hands or that the world is constantly falling apart and sometimes a little of both. I wish I could go back and just hold my hand, redirect my attention from boys or what new pair of jeans are out on the line. I would let myself know that this is the time where you can ask all the questions in the world, this is the foundation of all your future. The "lame" math classes are what will help you glide through Math 1314 in college. High school is the time where someone is willing to help you no matter how long it takes. College is a whole other ball game no one is here to hold your hand and help you out, you have to help yourself and if your not exactly a take charge kind of person or natural leader you are going to need that strong foundation given to you in high school. I just hope I would listen to myself.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year I would definitely tell myself to make sure I had an alternative plan. Never ever under any circumstances put all your eggs in one basket. Always have that backup plan in the event something happens and you find out later that field just isn't for you. Get training in something general that can cross over several fields and careers. Don't focus so tightly that your training is not usable in other fields of study. The economy is not your friend, just because your career choice now seems like a good idea, it doesn't mean it will be 10 years from now. I can not stress enough always have a back-up plan.


If I could go back in time I would first tell myself to be more organized. I would also tell myself how much stricter and less lenient college is. I would tell myself to practice writing papers more since that is what college consists of. I would also let myself know not to get too overwhelmed with everything. College is a bunch more stressful than high school and I don't think that is something you really understand until you are in college. It would be nice to know though that you have tons of assignments for every different class and they are due when they are due, no excuses.


The first thing I would tell myself is not to worry about choosing a major right away since I wasn't sure about what I wanted to do with my life. Most people haven't decided what to major in at that point in their lives. Just enroll and take your core curriculum while you figure it out. The answer would come eventually as I began to take courses and discover the ones I found interesting which would lead to a choice of major. I would tell myself to take college very seriously as an education is extremely important especially in times of very high unemployment. You need to do and be the best you can at everything. After all you never know when you might need to know about Shakespeare, integration, atoms, or biological proteins. Do not be afraid to meet people and meet new challenges as this will make your college experience more satisfying. Get involved in as many diverse activities as you can. Get to know all your professors and counselors so that you can approach them for guidance. Utilize the resources available such as tutoring, libraries, and academic and financial assistance services. And have fun!

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