Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


SAGU is best known for their basketball team and they are ranked Top 10 in the best places to work in the DFW area.


God-centered envioment.


The school is best known for it's multi-disciplinary offers in various majors and minors. They are known to be a Christian university but at the same time have a very robust Liberal Arts program for those interested in different fields of study within the scope of a Christian education.


My school is known for preparing people to be sent all over the world for work. We send people into many countries, inmany different career fields.


SAGU is best known for its academics being a DII school, the teachers are great and the students and staff all come as one for prayer time and during games.


It is known for producing many ministers and missionaries, and for providing internships and experience for those wanting to go into the ministry. This school is known for it's spiritual atmosphere that allows the students to discover their religious beliefs and grow to know God on a deeper level. It is also know for its warm, friendly and accepting environment. Many people have met their spouses and life long friends at this university.


Worst football team ever. Other than that, nothing.


It is a small school that carries with it a big school atmosphere. They offer everything most big schools have, but at the same time the enrollment is kept small which carries a very friendly, personal one on one atmosphere. The professors work with each student on an intimate relational level so that each student can get the most out of every class and more importantly feel a small part of the grand picture. The university has countless areas of oppportuniy open for everyone to be involed to help get each person ready for their calling and purpose in life.


The School is best known for training people going into the field of evangelical Christian ministry. Each department educates well. Our counseling/psychology program is top notch. Our communications arts program is rapidly growing. We completed our first student made, 30 minute short film that will be submitted to the AFI Dallas film festival.