Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Southwestern Assemblies of God University?


I don't brag about my school. I'm not really the bragging type. There are certain things that i know i might be better at than someone else, but i feel like a jerk if i openly brag about everything. I have a strong dislike for people who brag about everything, so i strive not to do it.


I brag about the sense of community at SAGU. We all seem to relate to one another and the internal cohesiveness in the student body is obvious.


The atmosphere and people at this school, how friendly they are and how helpful and welcoming they are to the underclassmen. Everyone is very easy to talk to and won't treat you like you're nothing. The services in the chapel is amazing and most of the professors here are amazing!


The number one area that comes to mind when sharing about Southwestern is the tremendous opportunities there are to step into full throttle leadership at a young age. Just being at Southwestern for a year and a half now I have been able to step up into leadership roles more than I ever dreamed of. The opportunities to be involved in leadership, clubs, and organizations are indescribable. The possbilities are endless. If you have a heart to be involved and impact your school, your community, your world, and even your life, Southwestern opens every door possible for that to happen.