Southwestern Assemblies of God University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Start applying for scholarships early and often. There are scholarships available from elementary on. A lot of small scholarships add up too.


I wish I would have known about those sports players or people in general that were not going to be serious about their relationship with God. Also, another big thing that I wish I knew about was that people always take something small and blow it out of portion. I have lost relationships and friendships because they take something small like having a meal together and ask you if you are getting married. I would have been more careful if I had known.


I wish I would have know how much financial help I was going to need to pay for school.


It can seem very overwhelming with all of the available resources and activities, but one should focus on one thing at a time and do what he/she enjoys.


I wish I had looked into a few more school back home, where I could have saved more money.


I had a really easy time in High school and the 1st school I went to was much easier than SAGU, I wish I had developed a better study habit.


I felt completely prepared for SAGU upon my arrival. I was a transfer student and was familiar with the academic work load. The campus also provided a thorough orientation upon arrival and offer continual support for their students. I feel well equipped for this school.


I wish I would have known it was a Pentecostal school.


i wish i could have known any organisation, website, or an individual to help me pay for my education. i also wish i had known the deadlines of scolarships provided by the school.


I wish I would have known more about daily life on campus. I wish I could have met the staff before going.


I knew quite a bit about this school before I began attending. The things I did not realize were what to expect from the classes and college life. I wish I would have read more to prepare myself for all the reading that must be done for my classes, and I wish I would have gotten a job in high school. I have applied at so many places in Texas but have not been even asked for an interview. If I would have gotten more professional experience rather than just mowing lawns then maybe I would be more considered.


Nothing, I found everything I needed here.


I wish I knew that the school cost so much per credit hour!!!!


I wish I would have known how much I would have to pay out of pocket per semester for how many credits I'm taking.


How much I was going to have to pay to attend.


I wish I had know more people but after being on campus for only a few hours I made several new friends.


I was fully informed.


I wish I had knew more of the professors so I would've known who to have chosen for classes my first two semesters of being here.


That i would have to live on campus till i'm 23...


How amazing it is here. I would not have waited so long to transfer here!