Southwestern Illinois College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing for me would be, that some classes are only offered one time a year. So some of the upper math or physics classes may only be offered once a year.


The fact that SWIC is a two year community college is probably its biggest strike against it. Two year community colleges get bum raps for not providing good educations. I am hear to say, it's not true of SWIC.


Nothing is too bad about my school. The counselors aren't as helpful as they should be when it comes to helping a new college student.


I think the worse thing about my school is that some programs are funded better than others. I attend HVAR classes and have to move from city to city at other campuses to get the training I need to achieve the proper training that I aspire for. It seems that, and to a certain extent I agree with the policy, that most programs of study at my school are funded by the popularity and demand for the courses by the students.


The worst part about school was not knowing anyone and being 900 miles away from my family and friends.


The worst aspect of my school is that there is not always the best learning enviornment. There are to many people who come to school and just stand around in the hallways not attending classes, and this causes a disruptive enviornment.