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What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who likes to be with their friends (outside of the college) instead of accomplishing their dreams and visions for their lives because there is much one has to do to make college work for one self should never consider attending Hunter College. If you are easily distracted, then Hunter college is not for you because you have to be focused on the goals - learning, passing your classes and graduating. If you are not sure of your vision for your career, it makes difficult to make decisions regarding classes so gain a focus of what you want to study.


Someone that is not dedicated to their studies.


Welli think person who doesnt care about their future.


Unless you are personally ready to be in college, you need to wait to begin. It's easy to start and it's easy to mess up, but it's hard to fix your GPA. College is something you have to do for you, not for anybody else.