Spanish-American Institute Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not think that you must have all the answers right after asking the question. Enjoy the process of coming to an answer about the unknown, and grow from it. If you want to write screenplays, dive right into that process and let yourself get lost in it. Try new things, explore yourself and most of all, always remain close to those who love you. In college, you're going to try on many identities, testing how each one fits and you're going to need someone to remind you of the personality you show the world. Be confident but humble, listen and talk, and for God's sake don't miss out on $1 pizza. Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions my friend.


First of all, I would tell myself that I should definitely not take home life for granted. Sometimes, it takes leaving something to realize how much you appreciated it while you had it. Leaving home has taught me how to become an independent individual but it has also made me realize how many of my strengths I can accredit to my family and friends back at home. I would also advise myself to sieze ever opportunity that comes my way before I leave. I am certainly doing this now while residing in New York City, but this only makes me wish I had done it more while I lived only a street away from Philadelphia. Lastly, I would tell myself not to be scared of being scared. It is true, college can be scary. You are thrusted into an unknown territory and forced to fend for yourself. But sometimes, being outside of your comfort zone is quite simply the best place to be. Since starting school I have noticed that the times where I forced myself into an uncomfortable position are now my fondest memories. Entering the unknown can be scary, yes, but beautiful none the less.


I would go back in time and tell myself that UAA only offers certain degree programs and that you should wait a year until you are sure that it is the path you want to take. I would also say that you should enjoy your high school year and have some fun. In college its the real world you have to pay for classes and their is no error for mistakes and be careful. Many people make mistakes and its alright just get up and work harder for that A grade. You still can make it leaving the American dream and working hard remember three easy words Never give up!!!!!!!


Vicenta write your dreams and vision as to where you want to be in four years from the beginning of the journey. This is the map from which I will draw to make decisions and plans and it will also help you to see when you are deviating from the course of your goals. This map does not have every detail of your dream, but it will have the main roads to follow and guidelines. In order to be able to write the dream and vision, do an indepth study of your career, the college you will attend and how you will pay for college. Having this map will give you clarity so that you are not at a loss when you have to make decisions, moreover, it will keep you motivated because you know the way in which you should go. Leaving high school to go college is a already a bit daunting, but leaving with a plan makes it a lot more visible and promising. During these years, there will be many people and situations that will come against you, the dreams and the vision, attend to the important ones, but stay focused and committed to your goals.


First, I would tell myself to start working out. I would want to work out to become physically fit, so I could maintain my body through my college years. I am not saying you cannot work out through your college years, but it becomes more difficult when you have to read and comprehend, so many things. You sit and read a lot of the time. I would also tell myself to pick up more books and listen to less television and radio. The faster you could read and understand, the more time you will have for other activities. You do not just want to read textbooks; you should also read different literatures, which you can get recommended by my English teachers. You want good literature to increase your communication skills, which will me projected in your speech and your writing. Lastly, do not be too focused on woman too much they come and go, make sure you focus on yourself and your studies because you’re the only person you will be number one to. Be kind to all, it is better to have friends than enemies.


Dear Wendy, Don't be so stressed when applying to colleges. You will get into your first choice, FIT. College transition will be easy for you, since you already have taken pre-college classes there. The most important factor you need to know is that real world experiences are just as important as going to class. Follow your dreams and achieve the most you can by applying to internships that interest you the most. In the fashion industry, networking is key to attaining a future career. Make and keep relationships with industry professionals. They will come in handy later in life. Get a great planner! You will need it. Going to college full-time while working part-time in retail will fill up your schedule. You will need to be organized. Keep your priorities in mind, work hard everyday because people notice. Something really important to remember is to always keep your confidence. Be calm because college can get frustrating, it is all in the way you handle situations. Most importantly, enjoy the ride! Make as many friends as you can. College years go by quick. One day you will reminisce over your college years. Sincerely, Yourself in Three Years


I really want to start a Master Degree at City College in order to acquire new knowledge and get involved in all the information that I didn’t learn during my career. Another reason to get involved in a Master Degree is that we, as students with masters can put in service what we have learned to the community and in that way, it will be a double benefit. It will be a benefit for the students we teach and it will also be a benefit to us because there is not better feeling than to serve others. In a Master Degree program, colleges have the most prepare teachers and I am really interested in learning from their experiences and follow their path. I really think that if you provide me this scholarship, I will prove you how great I can perform academically and it is also a great opportunity to become part of a different culture. For any question, please contact me at 646-401-8902 and 347-641-3702. My email address is [email protected]. God bless you a lot!


my college experience has taught me discipline time management, responsibility and more what else can I say? Besides the beautiful facilities and professional faculty, college has made from an almost delinquent adolescent with no direction in life into a well developed academically and culturally enriched individual with goals and a direction in life. i really hope i can use this money to continue my education as my family and i cant afford the continuation of my education no more.


College has been an eye-opening experience for me. The world suddenly makes sense and I know there are answers to what seems like the endless questions I have. My experiences in the classroom have been unparalleled with any other educational experience I have had. Coupled with the rich cultural and social experiences I enjoy with my classmates has made my college experience invaluable.


There will be plenty of oppportunities in life that will present themselves to you dressed up with shining lights and singing parades that will give you the Hallucination of glamour and contentment. The chance to go to college is one of priceless value thats fulfilling to the soul and the spirit and can be kept within your inner most for the rest of your life. Anything else is superficial and not as meaningful as an education which can take you much further in life than any materialistic that can be taken away by/form anyone at anytime. If you give yourself an education, no one, absolutely no one can take that away from you. The main ingredients to accomplishing getting a Degree is dedication, commitment, focus, and constitution. While it's true that it's never too late, the earlier you get an education, the better off you would be later on in life. Just ask anyone you know who passed up a chance to go to college would they go now if they had the time and/or money. External things die or pass on eventually.An Education is forever.


Is totally difrent bein in college. when i was in high school i see thing like a game i just want to be with my friends. But the last year in high school i start to see the reality as it is.


If I could go back in time I would have used all the resources that were available that I never took advanatage of. I would have started with my education and never gave up, even when the going got tough. I would have used all the necessary means to go to school and found a career that suites me. I would 've kept going until I graduated and found a career. The thinfg with getting an education is that you must want to learn and someone must want to teach. I would have taken advanatage of this fact and continued my learning. Money also plays a part in going to school and I would have saved until I could go and learn a trait or career. I would tell myself if you want to succeed you now have the opportunity to once I went back and looked at my life from there to here.


In High School I excelled at Math and Science. In College, I studied hard and succeed in English and History. I couldn?t decide on one area to devote myself entirely. I felt attracted to learning, but was confused about what I wanted to do. I am now currently majoring in Photography. Art became a way to express my understanding of the world. My tedious calculations and compositions within every photograph demonstrate my love of numbers and shapes. My topics range from psychology to politics. All of my vast interests and experiences become expressed via a camera. The world in which we all live in becomes summarized into a Photograph worth a thousand words. Using Photography I hope to be more than an artist. I want to be a storyteller, a businesswoman, and a pioneer. I wish I could have told myself as a senior that I didn?t have to just pick one subject to devote myself to but I could combine everything I loved. When it comes to my life, I promised myself my senior year that I would not compromise. I?m glad I stuck to that.


I would tell myself to not be afraid and get involved with student life. It's expecially important at a school like NYU because we have a dispersed campus. Freshman year, I did not realize that four years go by fast and joining a club or organization is more difficult as one moves further through college. Getting involved with student life can help a student learn what he or she wants to commit to or not. Also, these are the settings one will make life-long friends and build networks.


Given the chance to go back in time to give myself some advice I would start by saying ?Sandra?sit down and get comfortable ?cause you?re in for a long lecture!? After getting comfortable, of course, I would go on to give myself the following instructions: Please make sure you always study thoroughly before your exams. It is not enough to wait until the night before to study; in fact, cramming material is about the worst thing you can do. Trying to stuff months of material in a night will make a blood vessel in your brain pop! It is also extremely important to finish your assignments on time. Try to finish your assignments even a few days earlier if possible- trust me, this will save you a whole-lotta stressing. Above all, be as sociable as you can. College is about more than just getting straight A?s. College is also about doing things you didn?t do before, joining clubs that interest you and making friends that will last you a life time. So if anything, take advantage of the resources your school has to offer and do so with as much fun as you possible.