Spelman College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are hard working, beautiful, intellegent and inspirational women, who help make me a better person.


Smart, focused, and enthusiactic about their future.


Spelmanites are competitive, driven, goal-oriented, and creative!


My classmates are very helpful ad friendly; Whenever you need help you can always find someone to help you and It is really easy to make friends because most of us have the same goals in mind.

M. Hannah

Spelman College is an HBCU. It is also an all girls school. My classmates are all very smart and competetive. Everynody at this school is very active and working towards success. The women I go to school with work very hard but also like to to have fun. There are many student run events on campus to help students remember that school is also fun. Most of my classmates are very nice, however there are always those that have not learned how important it is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

La Nyrah

My classmates are dedicated young women of color that are willing to work hard to take advantage of the opportunities provided in order to achieve their goals and aspirations in life.


My classmates are very diverse. There is no one field, science, english etc, that attracts a bulk of the students. Each academic area has a good number of students. Also, students vary in their sexual preferences, and social outlet preferences. Although Spelman is an HBCU, it is truely a melting pot.


The women of Spelman College are opinionated, culturally competent, and strive to be the best in their field.


My classmates are women with diverse leadership styles.


My classmates are very open-minded and provide well-rounded ideas in class discussion.


My classmates usually spread smiles, positivity and are willing to help and encourage one another.


My classmates are intellectual, visionary, and full of passion.


My classmates are very ecclectic, diverse, and interesting because each one brings something new to the table.


Loving women who will support you through thick and thin.


The worst thing about Spelman College is the rigorous workload and the cutthroat competition amoungst the students. Spelman College is the # 1 HBCU in the country and because of this the level of academic excellence at my school is through the roof. This causes students to compete with each other for scholarship opportunities, internships, study abroad positions etc. Many students find themselves experiencing a significant amount of stress due to their aim to be in good academic standing. This fierce competiton causes an academic division amoungst students which leads to the rising stress levels amoung the student body.


The students at Spelman College are so supportive. When you are taking difficult classes there are student teachers that are there to help you. The students in these classes are going through the same thing so they are willing to help you if you are struggling in subject and maybe you can help them if they are struggling in another subject.


My fellow classmates are smart, driven, dedicated, stragetic, free-thinking, bold, strong, and confident.


My classmates are some of the experienced professionals , with knowlege and expertise in areas of there lives.


My classmates are very positive, intellectual individuals.


My classmates are my sisters, they push in a positive way and they never want to see me fail.


My classmates are future successes.


My classmates are truly academically driven individuals from different parts of the globe who are not afraid to express thier point of view in a respectful manner whether inside the classroom or not.


My classmates are unique because they're committed to achieving success, focused on their goals, care for their community and fight for their passions.


The young ladies at Spelman are outgoing, educated, caring, well traveled ladies that strive for excellence in everything they do.


Love them


My classmates are very intellectual and open minded individuals whose primary focus in life is to help improve and make a change in the world.

Janae Alessandra

My classmates are ambitous, caring women who are looking to not only further themselves but their generation as a whole and those to come.


My classmates are the most driven women I know who always make time for making memories.


Students at Spelman College are similar in a lot of ways but are extremely diverse at the same time. Even though Spelman is a historically black college (HBCU), there are still students who are of many different ethnicities. There are Spelman students who come from all of the following places: Africa, London, Czech Republic, Japan and the Caribbean Islands. This is a great example of how Spelman is an HBCU, but the types of students vary greatly. Spelman students are very politically aware and active. There are clubs on campus like, The Political Science Society and Young Democrats that facilitate the political awareness on campus. Often students do talk about how much they will earn one day because Spelman women are always planning for the future! Spelman students want to be successful and have a great career once they graduate, so the future is always on the table for discussion!


I would consider my classmates to be life long friends and associates; who made my time at Spelman some of the best years of my life.


The type of student that would fill out of place at Spelman College is a student that does not paticipate in many of the activities that happen on Spelman's campus such as strolling. A student would also fill out of place if they don't like to go out and party and act silly with the guys at Morehouse.


my classmates are my friends, classes are small so you get to know everyone easily and it's likely you've been taken classes with them your entire time in college


My classmates are intelligent, young women who strive for excellence.


They are encouraging, fun, experienced, open-minded, and well-rounded.


As a sophomore in college I feel it is important to list every factor you feel is a necessity and chose the college that best fits your needs. Also chose a college that fits your academic requirements. In high school I was a Magnet Student and was provided with small classrooms sizes which was very important for me to also have in college in order to be c omfortable in a classroom setting. Be sure of your college choice.


My classmates are lively, educated, and inspiring women.


My classmates are very energetic, eager, attentive, and well prepared for class.


They work hard and care about their grades.


My classmates are very much engaging. They sometimes appear to be very interested in the topics discussed. They are all women, normally obtaining a Biology major, and all headed down the pre-med track. Most of my classmates has a background of taking rigorous course work prior to attending Spelman College such as AP courses.


My classmates are the most diverse, motivated, and inspiring group of women I have experienced in my life. These woman come from different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, educational experiences, and families. All of my classmates have dreams of being the next doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, professors, governors, and presidents. My classmates have dreams that are beyond the sky and I know that they will achieve them. My classmates motivate me to do phenomenal things in the future and keep me on track for a successful college career.


They encourage you, help and support.


My fellow classmates are all either African or Black and are strong competitive and intelligent.


The individuals chosen to attend my prestigious university carry themselves in an intelligent, self condfident manner.


My classmates are primarily self-motivated, encouraging, helping, focused, and determined to make a positive difference in the world...just like me!


My classmates are scholarly.


I'm don't really remember.


My Spelman classmates are bright, friendly, goal-oriented, self-motivated people.


They are very diverse in character.


Many of the students attended private secondary institutions. There are a lot of females whose main hobbies include shopping, clubbing, and picking out outfits (to impress the men of Morehouse, Georgia State, and Emory). There are students that we say negative things about Clark Atlant University students but don't know any of them personally.


My classmates are determined, ambitious and passionate.