Spelman College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very open to helping each other.


My classmates are very outgoing and participate actively in class discussions, using both opinions and facts to express themselves.


Very intelligent and cultured females.


My classmates are intelligent, young women who are obtaining a bachelor's degree, just like myself. I feel that I can relate to them on a variety of levels and have made some pretty close relationships thus far. I also feel that my classmates and I are supportive of one another in achieving to the highest potential.


My classmates are an array of different personalities. There are some that are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Others are spoiled brats that look down upon others that are not like them. But most of all, Spelman students try to be fashionable. Most days when I am walking to class, I feel like I am watching a runway show. Everyday there are girls in stilletos or pumps walking to class. Everyone is trying to wear the latest things in fashion and everyone is trying to out-do someone else. Many of the students have catty personalities.


My classmates are great with helping me study , especially in groups outside of class.


My classmates are articulate, ingenious, curious, and open-minded individuals.


I would best describe my classmates as engaged citizens who are constantly meliorate themselves and one another through community service, rigorous academics and compassion for the betterment of their society.


My classmates were typically the valedictorians of their class, or close to it, so their is an eagerness to learn from my classmates.


Strong willed and ambitious women


Spelmanites are extremely focused, goal driven, and socially and politically conscious.




Opinionated, respectable ladies who are able to express themselves fluently.


intelligent, unique, different, boisterous, opinionated


My classmates do not believe in giving up or accepting the first NO.


There are different ethnic backgrounds all over the Spelman Campus. It may be a historically black college but it is also a very diverse school, be it racially, academically, ethnicly, or individually.


I have great relationships with every group here on campus. I do not think anyone would feel out of place here at Spelman. Freshman wear sweats to class. It's just easier that way for them. I admit that all of my freshman year I wore sweats just about everyday to class. Just wake up and roll out of bed and go! Once you move off campus, you tend to get dressed everyday. Now, it's a big fashion show! Different types of students interact on a daily basis. Students here on campus are very politically aware. We had Chelsea Clinton on campus if that counts for anything!


People dress up for class...we are very vain when it comes to appearance on the whole. But feel free to wear whatever you want. Students come from everywhere and are interested in everything...you will find your niche.


Most everyone is black and a woman. There are lesbians. Any female would feel comfortable here. Students were just about anything. A lot of the students come from Atlanta.


What is LGBT? I feel it's not appropriate to abbreviate words with the assumption that everyone will know what it means. May I suggest, putting the definition of the word LGBT in () parentheses should the author of the question choose to revise it. The diversity at Spelman is amazing. In a socio-economic perspective, the small student body proves that their is diversity even within ONE race. Despite race, if a student is not serious about succeeding in life and is a loner, not a team player, she will feel out of place at Spelman. Spelmanites love to love cute. You're attending a legendary chique school so of course you want to look chique to look the part! Morehouse being across the way attributes to extra cuteness as well. I pretty sure if the opposite sex of the Spelmanite peers were no where in site that we'd probably wears sweats, flats or flip flops, comfy jeans and hoodies pretty much everyday. The Spelmanites financial backrounds cannot be determined by observing them at face value. Just because a student is walking into class wearing designer jeans and sunglasses, with a ritzy hollywood bag and a BMW car key in her hand does not mean that she is financially well off. Her parents may be of the working class and lets not forget that the biggest fault amongst minorities when it comes to building wealth, is the fact that so many minorities love to give the illusion of wealth. Living above their means. Then also consider the wealthy students that wear outfits from Target and take the Marta to school everyday because they come from a conservative backround.