Spring Hill College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the class sizes. I explain to parents that their child would get more one on one with there professor compared to a larger school. I also explain the avaliabity of the professors to the students. They are willing to help you and offer other ways to help you outside of class and office hours such as the CAE.


My college is the perfect size for any students looking for a small but active campus where classes are not packed. The professors are amazing in engaging their students in the topics and discussions while during class. They will go above and beyond to help their students with assignments as well as study habits.


When I talk to my friends about my school, the number one thing I emphasize is the availability of the professors. They are almost always able to answer questions you have and get to know you very quickly. Here you are not a number, but a person.


The small school atmosphere and Classroom sizes are great. The professors are always willing to help. The students are very friendly and are always involved with clubs, fraternities/sororities, sports, organizations, and even group studies. I feel that Spring Hill College has helped me focus more on what is important--school, career, friends, etc. I also brag about how rigorous the classes are compared to other huge universities and how I am doing so well. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Every school has cliques or groups but Spring Hill kind of merges them all together.


I brag most about the small class sizes. My professors know my name and are able to help me one on one when I need extra help. Unlike a shcool with a large population, and classes with 100 students or more, at Spring Hill, my largest class has 30 students. I see this as a major advantage because here, we aren't just numbers. We are actual students that sometimes need extra help from a professor and can easily obtain it because there aren't too many students.


My college is special in its intimacy. They say second semester freshmen year one starts to get cabin fever from the small since but I have never been in a healthier environment. Here the meaning of southern hospitality is revealed to me clearly, friendship. Whether it is a hello to the sophomore who passes you everyday because you two have similar schedules or Ethel the cafeteria lady who is naturally good natured and ready to greet you. My small southern school gives me more than just a house of learning but a home with a family.


Spring Hill College is an extremely friendly school that really seeks out to help it's students and help them feel part of the community. The facility and staff really make you feel like you are wanted there and not just another number.


I love the size (small) and the fact that the students know how to have fun. The beaches are pretty amazing near here so we spend a lot of time there. It is an amazing place to learn.


Spring Hill is the most beautiful campus one could attend. we are one hour from three of the finest gulfcoast beaches. because our campus is within, but seperate from the City of Mobile only people who belong on campus are here which leads to a friendlier and safer atmosphere. We've got the best housing situations for all students compared to every other school i've ever been to. 18 hole gulf corse that costs next to nothing to play. there are always people looking to party any night of the week.


How everyone on our campus feels like we are on big family.


I brag about how small the class sizes are and how I can call my professors by their first names. I am very proud that my college is founded upon the Catholic Jesuit tradition and that these jesuits are my priests, my teachers, and my friends ( it is official on facebook). I love how conveniently small the campus is, since I can leave my dorm five minutes before class and be there on time. If I do not know someone my name, I know them by face. We are a tight community down here, and I feel like I belong.


Spring Hill College is only the best college in Mobile. Correction, the best college in Alabama. At SHC you are not just another student. You are a part of the Spring Hill family and each professor will take the time to assist you. No matter your question, you are guranteed an answer. We are highly ranked within the United States and many schools do not have that accreditation. It is the Jesuit college of the south and it is private. We stand out here in Mobile. If you are looking for a home away from home, come to "The Hill".


I try not to brag, but when I describe my school, I recount our high faculty-to-student ratio and our small classes. I also mention that the professors genuinely care about the students' well-being and that they will go the extra mile to make sure that students understand the material and to assist them when they need help. Professors also attend campus events and strive to be involved in extracurricular activities along with the students.


The size and quality of the dorms and the closeness of the student body as a whole. I can't walk to anything on campus without seeing someone that I don't know and exchanging a smile or a wave.


The people here are pretty awesome!


Nothing, it's small and far away, no one has even heard of it.


Small classes.


The location.


We have apartments on a golf course on campus.


That the greek life here is not the same as it is a big schools. We're more about the philanthropy than anything else.


All policies and restrictions are very lax. You can get away with anything.


How everyone knows everyone. It is a tight-nit community and there is always someone there to hang out with. The classrooms are very hands on and the professor realizes when you do not go to class or are not paying attention. This makes students want to strive to do better.