Spring Hill College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who strive to do the best that they can do in school, and students who work hard to learn the material presented in class should attend this school.


A person that should attend Spring Hill would be a person who loves serving others and working hard to meet their goals. Spring Hill's classes are a little more rigorous and that is what makes it such a prestigious school. But aside from all the hard work that we put in at Spring Hill, we still need the fun people to make it all fit together.


If you are a christ centered person who wants to learn something new and learn about jesus at the same time. this school is for you.


Someone who would do better at a smaller campus environment.


A somewhat conservative, learning-oriented person who is serious about school and their career.


A person who is serious about school. On top of this, they must be willing to be open to new people.


Someone wanting to major in the liberal arts or who is open to new and different things. Even if a more confined major is chosen, they will experience subject areas that are completely new. This creates a well-rounded graduate. They need to be willing to work but also to think and explore.


A person looking for a close environment with teachers who care about their students' education.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is intereseted in learning about a lot of different aspects of education.


The type of people that should attend this school should be academically motivated. They have to be willing to devote most of their time towards their studies. They have to be willing to turn down their friends for their school books.


The kind of person that should go to Spring Hill should be comfortable in small classes with enthusiastic teachers, be familiar with research-based papers, and not be intersted in a large social life. Here, there is more of a focus on academics rather than social acitvities. For example, there are no fraternity or sorority houses.


Because of the school's small size, this person should enjoy knowing and getting close to most students. Must enjoy small class sizes. This person does not have to be Catholic, however, there are plenty of ways to be involved in faith life. There is a lot of drinking on weekends but students who choose not to drink are not pressured to do so.


I believe any one that wants to attend a nice sized school with a beautiful campus should attend Spring Hill College. There are people from all walks of life here, not just a specific type of person. Any one could come here and thoroughly enjoy themselves. The campus is a very friendly environment; like a family. People smile passing by just because they are that nice. So as I previously said, any one could attend this school and enjoy themselves.


The kind of person who would like Spring Hill is someone that really wants to develop close relationships with their peers. Because Spring Hill is so small, it is very easy to get to know people very quickly. People who like to be challeneged academically should also attend Spring Hill. With the small class size and amazing professors, its very easy to get a lot of information here. A person who loves the beach would love Spring Hill because its only 45 min from the Gulf.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be a person who is dedicated to learning and understanding and someone who spends time volunteering in thier community. We are all determined students at Spring Hill College and dedicate our time in servic to our community.


A person that is: motivated, wants to be invoved in the community, outgoing, persistent , knows what they want , just an all around go-getter.


I think that any kind of person who wants to learn and have a succesful learning experience should attent Spring Hill College. The instructors are very challenging but willing to help and they really do care about the students academic success. Spring Hill college is a friendly and unique community that makes students feel welcome. I really beleive that being a Spring Hill student and finally a Spring Hill graduate that all Spring Hill student feel some sense of belonging to the Spring Hill family.


One that loves to get involved and who loves being socialable. If you love friendly people it is just the place to be.


Someone looking for a small intimate campus. Mobile is a fairly good sized city, so there are things to do and the beach is very close. Teacher student relationships are intimate. You are not just another number at Spring Hill, and the religious aspect of Spring Hill is strong. We have priests who teach and make class very interesting.


A person that should attend this school is someone that is looking for a strong sense of community on a college campus and who wants individual attention from the faculty and staff.


I think Spring Hill is perfect for a person the wish to recieve a great liberal arts education. Teachers here are great, they really love what they teach and work very hard to make sure no student is left behind. Class sizes here are also great. They are small enough so every student can actively participate. Spring Hill is also great for student that wish to go to a school where there are always activities planned. From great parties to service activities one can find it here. The Location is great for students who love the beach.


To attend this school an individual should be one is willing to learn and have experiences. Spring Hill College is a jesuit institution and in its curriculum, a student should take a number of Theology, Philosophy, fine arts and other courses to complete general core requirements. This emphasizes that an individual coming to this institution must be open minded to the knowledge the world involves. Coming to college involves more than getting a degree in a field of interest, it is learning of other elements in society, aboout people and the way we live .


A person attending Spring Hill College should be the kind of person who will work to better themselves if given half a chance.


A well educated person that is looking for a good education.


If someone enjoys a small campus then it is a great college. If they are very involved in intramurals and sports.