Spring Hill College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not worry about making friends or finding my major. These things need to organically for them to feel right. I would tell myself to take chances and be myself. You will find where you belong. I would also tell myself to be comfortable being alone. I think my highschool self felt like you always had to be surrounded by frined to be happy but I have learned that that type of thinking leads people to be unhappy. It is good to enjoy the company you keep in the lonely moments. It is good to be able to have memories that you do not have to share with other people. You want to have memories that you are albe to share but when you like being with yourself others will like to be with you as well. And it will happen just give it time. In the meantime, find out new things about yourself and try new things. College is one of the only times in your life that you have to make decisions that effect only yourself. So don't be reckless but have a good time.


Look man. I get it. Life is tough. Dad's got cancer, and it looks grim. But, stay in therapy. Get better. Be calm, and treat your friends and loved ones better. The seperation you feel? That's on you man. Don't screw it up. You'll be miserable your first year of college if you go based on the music program and friends. Think harder. I know this sounds crazy, and it may not make much sense, but knowing you you'll have to earn for yourself. Just trust me, it's not worth being miserable. Dad's cancer returns. Bad. He doesn't have much time. Stay close to home. Be true to your friends. Be nicer. Change yourself for the better, not in a way that makes it easier to cut ties with old friends. Hold onto what you have, and make it better. It gets better if you don't, but it takes several months, and much more stress than needed. Heed these words.


I would remind myself that school does not get easier when going to college. The responsibilities are greater and the workload in class is greater. You have the choice to attend class or not and you have the choice to get the most out of college or not. I would tell myself not to be afraid to go over and beyond to learn all that I can learn.


As a high school senior, I wish I had used my time to find scholarships. I assumed that the school I was going to would provide for me, and I was very, very wrong. I should have started paying for my degree the moment I was accepted, rather than waiting until the last minute when it was too late. Another thing I wish I had done was focus more on my studies because my GPA was just barely not good enough for many academic scholarships. Instead of focusing on having a social life, I should have studied. Coming into college, I did not have any good study habits. I had to essentially re-teach myself how to learn. It would have been alot easier for me if I had read more textbooks in high school to prepare for the type of reading I have to do now. Another thing is how to study from notes. It's hard to go from mostly visual learning, how it happens in high school, to mostly aural, how it happens in college. I also wish I had learned better attendance habits- in college, if you miss a class, no one is gonna care!


I am 52 years old and returned to school a year and a half ago. I have completed my Academic Certificate in Creative Writing - finally doing something for ME. I left my adopted home at the age of 15 and spent my life trying to prove I could be everything I was told I never could be. If I could go back to the time I was in high school, I would tell myself that I didn't need to prove anything to anyone, that I could do, and be, what it was "I" wanted to be, and live a life filled with the passion that I had for writing. Knowing what I know now, I would have believed in myself more and would have known that I could do what it was I wanted to do, rather than not believing in myself. I know my life would have been different, but what is important is that I have finally taken the scary leap and returned to school...and successfully at that! I have had two poems published and am working on two novels; one a memoir of my childhood. That in itself makes my return to school a success.


If i could go back to high school and give myself advice I would absolutely begin with keep your studies first. Keeping your studies before everything else is the only way to stay on top of things. Going out on weekends is fun but school comes first. With a full time job and being a full time student there's hardly enough time for playing around. The next thing I would say would be to listen to your parents. Even though they may not have been to college they still know that you are still only 18 and they still have guide you a little bit. Let them have that much at least since you're growing up and everything. Next, don't get caught up in social media; it distracts you from your main goal, school, and takes away time from your already busy schedule. And lastly, APPLY FOR SCHOOLS EARLIER!!! Don't wait until the last minute. It's a hard decision picking schools but not nearly as hard as going all year with people in your face asking where you're going and you just say, "uhhh.. I don't know.."


don't slack off


I would tell myself to work hard every single day, because it really does pay off in the long run. I would also encourage myself to get more involved everyday.


Be prepared to work hard, and learn to manage your time. The sooner you can start working on assignments the better, procrastination is not your friend! In addition to this, have some fun. Get to know people in your classes, and join clubs that may be related to what field you are going into. Make time for the work aspects of college and the fun aspects of it and you will do fine.


I would tell myself that it is not as intimidating as I thought, and that I am actually going to enjoy it. I would also say that the independence I will gain in college will strengthen my drive to do well in my classes. As long as I am determined and work hard I will do just fine.


One advice I would give to myself is not wait to study for a test the night before. That might have worked in high school, but in college, it does not work out that well. Even if you stay up all night studying for the test, the highest grade you will get on the test is a C. I would also tell myself to not just memorize material, but actually learn the material. With any of the classes in college, especially science and math classes, the teachers move at a much faster pace than the high school teachers do. It would really be helpful to you to actually learn the material in high school so when it is re taught to you in college, you will be able to catch on and remember the material more efficiently. Doing this will help you improve your grades overall in your classes. I would also tell myself to not put so much pressure on myself to do well in school. Putting alot of pressure on your self will actually cause you to perform worst in school. I would also tell myself to get involve with extracurricular activities on campus.




Tay, I know you are excited about going to college, but i know you are nervous too. It is good to be a little nervous, college is a huge step in becoming an adult and making the best decision is important. However, you should let go of some of the less important issues. Yes, you have a boyfriend at home, no he should not influence your decision, this choice will affect your future, not his, so choose for you. Treasure the time you have left with your friends, these memories will be all you have to tide you over until you see them next summer. Yes, some of your friendships may fade with the distance, but the ones that remain will be stronger than ever. You will make new friends too, just take a chance and stop being shy and you meet all kinds of amazing people. Fair warning, classes will seem overwhelming that first week. Stop. Breathe. You can do it. Get to know your roommate over the summer, you'll be best friends before yall even meet and it makes moving in much less intimidating. Pack warm clothes, Alabama gets chilly at night. Smile. Take Pictures. Make Memories.


Don't be scared! Yes, high school was awesome, but college is even better! This is where you go to learn and to grow- not only in your studies, but really find out who you are! Yes, I know, it can be intimidating, but just let go and enjoy the ride. Study hard and remember to breathe once in a while. Know that everything is going to be fine and thousands of people do it every year-- trust that you will make it if you only try hard enough! And while you're there, try to take a minute and look around you. Look at all these people you'll encounter and take in their experiences as your own. Just trust your instincts and jump! Relax, breathe, work hard and study hard, and trust that God is in control.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice I would give myself would be to not drop out of school. Five months into my senior year I decided to stop attending school and obtained a full time job. That ended up costing me one valuable year of education and drew me back an academic year from my peers. I’m more than certain that my former high school self will accept my advice of maintaining a constant presence in school simply by comparing my current Grade Point Average (GPA) to my former one. When the decision to drop out was made I had a 1.1 GPA, with dedication, hard word, and some stress I have since brought it up to a 3.2 GPA so my former self will have no alternative but to follow my perfectly set example. I would give myself this advice because hardly anything good came from dropping out, and now that I’m ready to transfer to a four year institution and have succeeded in Community College I’m capable of accepting that my thoughts about college as a high school senior were inadequate.


If I was able to give myself advice now about college life and making the transition I would begin by saying get involved. When deciding a major if you are not sure of what path you truly want to take just begin by taking core classes because you might change your mind in the future. If you are struggling in a class do not be afraid to ask for help because you are only hurting yourself. The professors as well as the help centers are there to help assist you any way that they can. Arrive to class on time and sit within the first couple of rows this shows the professor that you are actively involved. Keep a planner or calendar with all of your assignments listed because this will help you be more organized. Find you a buddy in class who can hold you accountable and who you feel you can study with. Have a social life outside of college it is okay to have fun and enjoy life outside of school. Do not procrastinate because it will place you in a bind and you will not produce your best work. Also, don't forget about your health.


If i could go back to high school I would do much better, I would have took education more serious and focused on life. I would have talk with my couselors and had a open mind toward students loans and scholarships. I feel High School was fun but i made wrong choices toward life and college. I had a chance to finish school this time I would do better. I have applied for tons of scholarships just to finish school I pray my past want hunt me and allow my mistake to be a lesson and allow a better life.


While in high school as a senior, I had an amazing tutor that helped me with all of my classes during the week. If I could go back in time, I would remind myself that while I am in college, I need to understand that planning my time wisely according to my class schedule is very important. I would start bettering myself with this while in high school in order to prepare for college. Spring Hill College is an amazing college experience for all of their students. They do not ignore any students issues or complaints, and will help them for as long as they need assistance for. With this said, college life is very different from high school live. You may have one or two classes on specific days, while others you have more. In high school, I was able to take my time with each class, however now that I see my experience in college, it takes daily work in all of my courses to make it through each week. Staying organized is very important at any college. The teachers are there to help you, but you need to put in the time and the effort for yourself.


The advice that I would give to myself would be to develop good study habits before I went to college. It is extremely important to learn information, not just memorize it. Being able to study effectively is very important in college because it helps you to eliminate unnecessary hours of stalling. It allows you to comprehend what you read instead of waste time by just simply reading it over and over.


continue to study and apply for all scholarships you qualify for maybe you will get one


Such a thought is purely theoretical but interesting nonetheless. I would definitely tell my "high school self" to STOP and THINK clearly. Specifically, I would implore [to myslef] the practice of a better, more focussed approach to understanding the importance of a future career and establishing a thourough or "clearer" mindset toward achieving that career. For instance, I would say, "Hey, Malcolm. 'Bruh' ya really gotta' start bucklin' down, and think about the fact that ya might have a high payin' top executive type of job one day, man!"; that is if it were possible to actually have a one-on-one, face-to-face encounter with the younger, less mature me. Another important concept I would highly stress to myself would be the constant engagement in anything athletically challenging/pleasing (i.e. running 3- 4 miles every day, playing basketball regularly, swimming every chance I can get, etc.). Lastly, and most important, I would encourage myself to explore the realm of medatation both consciously and unconsciously. The promotion of a healthier physical life obviously needs no explaination, but I believe the younger me would thank me for conveying the importance of encountering a more relaxed mind through meditative techniques.


If I could go back in time in high school, I would tell myself to applied much early for scholorships and its possible for me to get in a great college. That I should have not be discourage that I can attend any college. I also can do anything as long as a gave all my best effort to achieve what I want for in my life. Also to tell myself working for a low wage and working outside was not really for me. I know deep down I have the brain skills, and other skills, that made me efficent in school to adapt quickly to anything that will be an obstical toward myself. If it where possible I would just try to apply much early as well I am more than capable to go to any college and give my very best, and if it shows people will look as if I am an achiver.


The advice that I would give myself if I could go back in time would be - Question everything, and do not take anything for granted. - Be sure to have a full understanding of how credit hours are calculated, and follow to be on top to your game. - Be sure to take the required amount of courses each semester in order to meet the required hours for graduation. -Be sure to use your time wisely between reading, homework, and studying for tests.


I have really come into myself at Spring Hill College. I have changed so much for the better since I have arrived. I have fallen in love and had my heart broken. I have laughed in a room full of my friends and cried in my dorm room all by myself. I have fallen down , gotten up, been knocked down, and have been picked up time and time again. I have been supported by a small and loving community and I have been challeged by my professors. I do not regret a single moment of my journey. I have been made more whole. I am confident that by the the time i graduate in 2014, there will be no obstacle that I can not overcome.


At this time, I have only been in college for 4 months, but I have gained so much in that time. My 4 months in college has taught me a lot about myself and how I am going to function as I grow as an adult. It has, also, given me a firsthand look at what the real world is about, and allows me to practice how to handle certain situations. I have always been independent, but now that I am away from home, I have the opportunity to show my parents how well they have raised me. I plan to make evryone proud!


I have gotten maturity, knowledge, and freedom out of my college experience. This is because I have been able to leave my sheltered life and do things on my own.


I've gotten some great learning experiences out of this college. It has opened my eyes to more nursing professions to consider and the real opportunity to do them.


I have gotten much out of life based on my college experience. I leared how to become an adult and take responsibility for my work and actions. Procrastination is a personal choice in college. Teachers will not baby you into doing your homework and studying. Here, at Spring Hill College you learn to accept your actions. Here, you also learn to become one with your mind, body, and spirit. I am a much more spiritual person because of Spring Hill. I am so happy I decided on a liberal arts school. I learned the importance of taking care of my body and learning how to be a professional (since my major is nursing). The nursing department taught me how to learn like an adult instead of like a highschool teenager. I learned to read all of my material. I learned to find the different ways to study my material whether it's auditory, visual, etc. I am very blessed to attend Spring Hill College for these reasons. Thank you.


In my opinion, college is not all about learning facts. It’s true value does not lie in one’s ability to quote Shakespeare, recall every step of a particular metabolic pathway, or provide a detailed description of the Punic wars. The utterly immeasurable value of a good college education is due to the skills it imparts. College teaches students how to solve problems, analyze the world around them, and reach new heights in critical thinking. College provides individuals with the tools they need to adequately respond to their environment. It also provides students with the opportunity and the skills to introspect, reflect upon their values, and discover themselves. My college has done all of this for me. I know that, upon graduating, I will be a strong, skilled, and productive member of society who is ready to flourish in this world. College has given me what I need to solve problems, embody my values, and live a better, more meaningful life, and I will forever be grateful.


Spring Hill College has given me the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education, while offering resources to help me with my major. As a psychology major, about to begin my junior year, I have lucked out on opportunities. I have already attended a research conference and have a job in a psychologist's office, applying what I am learning in school and learning more about my career choice. The faculty in the psychology department has been v ery helpful to me, as well as other students, in helping us get the most out of this experience. I have learned not only the academic knowledge necessary for advancement, but also how it applies in the real world. Spring Hill offers enough staff support to give each student enough time to work with their professors and get the most out of the college experience. Spring Hill also has enough social activity that students don't necessarily feel overwhelmed by school. While the courseload is difficult, students still have opportunities to go out and have fun.


College has challenged me to be the best "ME" I can be! I am naturally outgoing, personable, and bubbly. College has helped me develop characteristics I have to make my experience extraordinary. Through my college experience, I found that I am: adventurous- when I joined a sorority, caring- when I started volunteering at a local hospital and changed my major to nursing, laid back- when I am with my friends or in my room alone, loud and obnoxious- when I am cheering at sports events, competitive- in intramural sports and in my major, daring- when I joined and helped start the school's step team, a leader- when I attended a leadership retreat, a role model- when I became a big sister and freshman seminar leader, intelligent- when I made Dean's list, and blessed- when I'm smiling for no reason. These characteristics have allowed me to have memorable college experiences because they make me who I am! They are the reason why it has been so valuable for me to attend college.


Throughout my life, I have been someone who is fascinated with dreaming about the future. As a kid, and even into my high school years, I would think constantly about what college would have in store for my life. I pictured myself feeling like a grown up--having everything figured out and assuming that jobs associated with my major would seemingly fall into my lap upon graduation. But now, as I enter my junior year of college, I know now that those dreams of maturity and simplicity were the result of my naivety. Although I attend a small college located in my hometown, I have learned a lot about myself and others. College threw me out of my comfort zone, taught me to challenge everything I had ever been taught and forced me to learn and grow even when I did not want to. College is an irreplaceable experience that teaches lessons beyond the classroom. I now know that much to my dismay, being in college does not make you a grown up. Instead, it puts you one step closer in your journey toward self discovery. This fall, I will continue in this journey and will always continue to dream.


I have gained invaluable knowledge from my college experiences thus far. I have had the luxury of meeting some of the BEST educators and counselors, who have taught and advised me well on my endeavors for a better future. I have also been blessed to have met some new people who I feel will be longtime friends of mine. I have learned that I must continue to make my education a PRIORITY, so that I may excel in my future and continue to be a positive contributor to my family and my community; especially in the medical field. I look forward to the day when I can walk across the stage with my graduating class and honor ALL the SPECIAL People that made it POSSIBLE. I certainly appreciate all your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon! Respectfully, Jacquelyn Cabrera


I have learned to be thrifty and manage my time more wisely.


I've gotten out of this school exactly what I put in. I have a great rapport with the teachers. They know that I am a serious student and really interested in the subjects. Not just in the classroom, but outside of the class. If there is a project or exhibit or something to do to enhance the classroom experience, I'm always the first to volunteer or attend for further learning. I actually "get off" on the learning. It's my high. I limit my social life to keep from being distracted and achieve my goals. Before taking a class, I predict my grade and work towards achieving that grade. I reached my goal this semester and I am very happy. This is the perfect city for college learning. It's valuable because you have museums, art exhibits, art walks downtown, farmers markets and other colleges nearby to compete with in sports.


The day before I moved to Mobile, Alabama, most of my bags were packed and I was finally ready to just be on my own. I had saved up like 600 dollars for the summer, and i thought I was all set. After the first week, when the camp feeling was lost, i began to realize what being on my own was all about. Doing my laundry, waking up to alarms, trying to eat healthy: everything was on me. Also, this was my first chance to start new since grammar school. Not many people knew me, and i could be whoever i wanted, and make all new friends. It was very overwhelming at first, meeting people in the bathroom and always thinking could this be my best friend. I got to plan how i wanted things to turn out. I have really learned to be on my own, but also how to truly love someone. Not just be nice, but to love them and see God in all of them. I have learned to not judge people, especially because I know everyone has gone through something different. By meeting all these beautiful people I have learned to love them all.


I have attended several colleges through the years and have gained many diverse experiences during that time. The point that sticks out here at Spring Hill would be the diversity in the courses that is available and the willingness of the faculty to be sure that the students use those courses to enrich their life. They have a great variety and believe that it is their responsibility to provide the students with the knowledge they need to be successful.


Going through another step of my life and attending college has opened my eyes to many different options and opportunities. College is a big step to take towards my future job in the medical field. I have learned that going to college will make my future bright and successful. My experience in college is amazing due to the fact that im more closer to reaching my goal in helping others. The environment that i feel when im at college is everyone is there because they want to me not because they have to be like in High School. Im very pleased with myself that I am going to college and focusing on my future because if I wasn't I probably would be sitting at home doing the same thing everyday. So far my college experience has been more than pleasing.


Attending Spring Hill has been valuable in my life because it has enabled me to continue my education to better my self and allow me to have a better job oppritunity to provide for a family. The college has made the transition from highschool so easy because of its small size and great staff. The main focous of the people here is to help others. Since attending the college I have voulunteered at a nursing home which has brought much joy to my life. Walking through the halls and talking to the residence brings a smile to my face and allows me to bring happiness to those who need it. The friends I have made here have also brought another way of me to help people and try to make their lives a little better which in turn makes mine better also because I know I was able to help another person who needed it.


"Buy truth and do not sell it for love or money; buy Wisdom, buy Education, buy Insight" Proverbs 23:23 This passage has greatly motivated me to keep furthering my education. Through college experience I have learned to value the power of knowledge. Education is not only a tool to maintain a luxirious lifestyle or to make lots of money to live comfortably in the future. Its purpose is to serve and help others by offering a service to improve our society even slightly. We must understand that regardless of our culture differences, we all have the same needs. Attending college has been exponentially valuable becuase it has opened my eyes to details and untangible theories that are crucial for the improvement of humanity. For instace, as an art major I thought my talent was only a form of self -xpression. However, in my Art History II class i have learned that art speaks not only for an individual but for an entire population. It is what historians look at to see the responces people had towards positive or tragic events in their community. As my proffesor says "The more art a society produces the healthier that society is becoming."


College has been a great experience; I have learned a lot about myself and the world around me. I have met fun, interesting people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I have been exposed to new beliefs and diverse peoples whom I would not have had the opportunity to learn from had I not gone to college. However, I think the most valuable assets that I have acquired from my education are the opportunity to escape from poverty and the ability to be an effective partner in my community. When I was young I suffered from substance abuse, dropped out of high school, and ultimately wound up homeless and unemployed. I was at a crossroads in my life and knew that I had to make a change. Through hard work and perseverance I excelled academically and now doors have opened for me that I never dreamed possible. I hope that I am able to continue my education so that I may become a doctor and help the underserved. I would like to give back to my community that has given me so much.


So far, I have gained many invaluable experiences from my college. First, I am recieving a quality education that will prepare me for my future career. I am also being educated in many other disciplines outside of my major, in keeping with the tradition of the liberal arts. I have strengthened my communication skills and broadened my understanding of how others percieve the world. Spring Hill has opened me to other possibilities and other ways of thinking about the world. I have learned to reason and respect what others believe even if it is different from my own thoughts. I analyze instead of just accepting as part of this training. I have also gained many friendships that I am positive will continue throughout my life and will be beneficial in the workforce. I have learned to be independent and have the skills to support myself not only monetarily but in my thoughts and relationships as well. Morality has become a large part of my daily living, and I now have a better appreciation and respect for the earth and other people around me.


The things that I have gained from my college experience are many. I have gained self disipline, more motivation, independence, and I have redescovered a love for learning. During my public education I don't feel like I gained a lot, I can hardly remember ever coming home and thinking that I had really learned something that day, and because of that I lost the desire to learn. Now as I have been attending college I have found that old love and passion, yes it's still hard to motivate myself to do my homework sometimes when there are so many other things that I could be out doing but in the end it gets done, and I once more feel satisfied, I feel like I am actually growing and learning again. This is valuable above all things, nothing is more priceless than knowledge, nothing is more rewarding.


I have gotten a sense of what lies ahead on my road to a great career to support my children and wife. I have also learned how to be a team player in a postive work enviroment with a great work eithic. My college experience has been a great one teaching me not to judge a book by its cover and to question the nature of things. There are certain things you learn at college that teach how to cope with your new job feild you have chosen and it gives you the know how to be very professional at your job. Last but not least on your road of higher education you get a feeling of accomplishment knowing that when I graduate I will be able to get a great job that I enjoy doing and it was only made possible by attending college and rideing out to the end graduation day.


The school I chose is a very student-teacher evironment. The classes are smaller and it is easier to learn and ask questions. When you have issues you are able to get them answered and you understand exactly what is needed to be accomplished. So far I love my school and I look forward to continueing my education. This means alot to me for I am a stay at home mother of two little girls and I have always wanted to persue a career in Veterinary medicine, I want to show my kids how to work hard and accomplish your goals and dreams.


Although I am only a freshman at Spring Hill College I feel that I have gained many useful life skills. In only one year at this institution I have gained so much. I have been able to participate in a community that encourages spiritual and mental growth. Being at Spring Hill I am required to take philosophy and theology classes, which I am very thankful for. These classes have helped me to ask questions about life, and have encouraged me to search for the answers to these new questions,questions about life, love, and also about what to plan for my future. Spring Hill has enlightened me in so many ways I cannot count them all, I wish I could express the joy being at this institution gives me but I am at loss for words. Spring Hill is a wonderful institution, and I am very happy to have had this experience.


College should never be compared to high school. In high school, one makes friends but these are passing trifles on our way to bigger and better things. In college, however, friends are life-long companions. I attribute these strong relationships to the fact that we live together on campus with each other, something not common in high school. Out of college, I have received a new outlook on life. Many of values have changed but for the better.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to learn better studying techniques. Other than that there is nothing else because my college life is not that different from my everyday life.


I would tell myself to focus more on the ACT!!! Start taking it earlier so that I could have time to improve. I would also try to develop more study habits. I wouldve studied more in high school in order to prepare myself for the workload of Spring Hill College. However, I think I had done a great job of adjusting.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior and share advice about making the transition into college life I would suggest being extremly open to trying new things. Each new experience can be considered as research for future semesters to come as you adjust to the new lifestlye. Meeting people is not as scary as it seems it may be. I suggest getting involved from the start with all activities provided by the school for intermingling between new students. That's the best way to find new people to meet and become friends with. The people you meet the first week of school may very well be the best friends for the rest of your life.