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St Andrews University

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The main draw for a lot of students is the Equestrian Programs. About 3/4 of the student opulaton is involved in some way, from being an active participant to volunteering in the Therapeutic Riding program. It is also a very small school, with only about 700 students. The class sizes are always small, and teh professors will usually give out home or cell phone numbers so that students will be able to reach them whenever they have questions about the class work. I love this school becuase it is a very close knit community and you know almost everyone.

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St . Andrews University pays alot of attention to their students and are always there if you have any questions. It's a career college that focus on getting you a career and heading you into that field.

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Small campus and class size. Proffessors get to know students and are available anytime to help students.

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The teachers spend time with the students outside of the classroom. Everyone knows pretty much everyone.

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