St Francis College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about St Francis College? Why?


The worst thing about St. Francis is the fact that the staff sis very unorganized. The school is so small that they do everything by paper which ends in losing it. You have to send documents and forms in multiple times and call the school multiple times to make sure things are correct.


The worst thing about Saint Francis College is they don't offer weekend courses. Weekend courses are convenient for students that work full time and students with families.


It does not really have a strong focus on academics.


I am not sure what the worst thing about this school is because I have not been in the school for too long of a time.


The lack of reasonably priced dorming. The only dorms available are very expensive and there are not many.


It's a very small school, making it more difficult to make friends. After attending a large school with over 25,000 students for a semester, this school had only 2,500 and this significant difference creates a giant difference in terms of making friends.