St Francis College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are used to a huge campus feel including a highschool do not attend. This school is very small so you will not be used to it although it does have its advantages.


If you are looking to go to a big city school this school would not be for you. The departments are small and there is really only one building. Also if you are interested in music this is not the school for that. Finally if you like to party which many people do, you may want to look for a bigger college.


Someone who loves living in a rural area with a lot of space and distance between places. Someone who loves driving should not go to school in a city where the use of trains is a lot more practical. Someone who is very dependent on parents who do not live in NY and is not used to being on their own and supporting themselves .


Local person from Brooklyn, NY or someone that wants to experience New York City.