St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The schools only 2 flaws are that it's a small school (2000 undergrads) and the location is secluded.




In my experience, the worst thing about my college has been the English program. I am an English major, and almost all of my classes have been literature classes. There are not a lot of journalism or other writing courses offered, which limits the number/types of jobs that I feel prepared for.


The worst thing about my school is the indifference ethnic groups have towards each other. Although my campus is very diverse in terms of cultural, racial and ethic groups, I do no believe that all the views that these groups bring to the table of the campus community are seriously considered or listened to. I would like the school's student community to learn how to be more open and understanding of other group's ideas, views and beliefs.


The worst thing about this school would have to be the size and the variety of majors offered. On the one hand, attending a small school mean knowing a majority of the students that attend the campus and knowing others on a personal level. However, sometimes the campus feels "too small" and you may lack a sense of privacy. There aren't very many majors offered. These two reasons are the two major reasons why people transfer out of this school.


It gets cold in the winters, and sometimes the lack of sunlight brings on a sort of winter slump, not to mention during the cold months people still generally walk everywhere around campus, which I guess is both a good thing and a bad thing.


It is hard to get into town unless you know someone with a car, orhave one. Otherwise there are busses, but nobody really uses them, and they are not well known. The classes are small the food is above average for a college.


The size of some of our our library or our gym. Both are nice facilities...but we need more space/equiptment.


We don't have a big auditorium for performances.


There are not enough people here from a dating perspective. But if we brought in more freshman st. mary's wouldn't be the same. So its basically a catch 22. Most people know each other which is fun but if something happens everyone knows about it.


Lunches are great but food on the weekends is pretty bad. Also, living in dorms (freshmen and sophomore year) are way worse than living in junior and senior housing.