St. Mary’s University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are friendly, studious, challenging, and come from every different background and walk of life.


My classmates are my second family to me, specially the ones from my biology class for majors. We get together to study and help each other out, answering each others' questions. We not only study together but we also get together to have dinner, play board games just to take a break from studying. Everyone is dedicated to learning and are open to growth and discovering new things.


It is crucial to put more value on your classes than any other activities. Being engaged in volunteering, community opportunities as well as opportunities to help you get farther in your set career. Pushing yourself and being open to others is very important when coming to St.Mary's University.


My classmates are very focused, engaged, and very social, they keep an upbeat and make you feel part of a family.


My classmates at St. Mary's University are very friendly, welcoming, and have a great desire to learn the subject matter being taught during class and outside of class.


My classmates are well educated easy going people.


My classmates are very focused in both school and their future.


The students are St. Mary's are like no other, they are all-around people who are friendly and always willing to help.


St. Mary's is a great school if you work better in small communities. The classes are small and it is easy to communicate with Professors.


My classmates are fun loving people with a lot of ideas to share with others.


Focused, Intelligent, Creative, and Leadership.


My classmates at St. Mary's University are kind, sinecere, and motivating, they make you want to do well and they hope you do well; therefore, making succedding easier and a lot better because you have people cheering you on along the way who knows what you are going through.


The one thing that every student that attends St. Mary's University has in common is the mentallity that one's number one priority should be one's education. My classmates are extremelly dedicated to their studies and to their futures. It's inspiring, to say the least. In a way they keep me aware of the gloabl competition. These people are my friends and my peers now but one day they will be seeking the same job as I am. I have to keep up with grades and education in order to be successful.


Everone on campus is really friendly, but the school as a whole is very segregated between, fraternities/sororities, athletes, and general student population; everyone tends to get along, but most seem to stick to their own groups.


Everyone on campus is extremly friendly, nice, and helpful. I was surprised at how honestly everyone is, if you lose something on campus theres a good chance someone will turn it in. The RA's and students in leadership positions are always helpful and positive. St. Marys really lives up to it family spirit values.


This will be my first semester there- I don't know anyone yet!


My fellow colleagues have been welcoming to me and willing to help me with anything I may need.


My classmates are nice, willing to help anyone in need, and are easy to talk to.


The classmates at St. Mary's University our one of a kind. Because the classes are small and there are so many extracurricular activities, students get to know so many people.


Very friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help an individual.


Being a Biology major most of my friends are very dedicated to their studies, preparing for their futures, and helping out their friends.


My classmates are well rounded and eager to learn everyday.


My classmates are very helping, engaged, and intelligent; they participate in discussions and are there if you have a question about the class.


They are very nice, friendly, diverse, intelligent, and most seem to come from upper class families.


Students at St. Mary's University come from all walks of life hence, every student at St. Mary's views life in a different perspective; I gain plenty of knowledge in the classroom, but I also gain just as much knowledge by conversing with my classmates.


My classmates are a diverse group of students who have the same acedemic drive as I do and are determine to achieve an A, as well.


they are friends for life that one day will be coworkers in the future that i would never want to lose