St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That it is a small confortable school. Everyone is friendly and accepting. The school has many connections and the professors are always willing to help and look for ways to go the extra mile with the students.


The amount of friendly people on campus is amazing. Whether it be a faculty member or a student, almost everyone is kind to one another. There is an extremely great sense of community here ay St. Mary's.


I brag about it being small and vert resourseful to us. Being in a small community is benefitial to our needs.


Want I love about my school is the friendly atomshere and affordable cost.


EVERYTHING! I brag every time I get a chance. Unlike many, I got the opportunity to study here, and there is no day I take for granted. My school is the best in my eyes. I brag about my sorority, my classes, my advisor, my teachers, everything.


St. Mary's had a great Student Life department. They did a great job of having school activities to get everyone involved, whether you were living on campus or a commuter. The Athletic and Social Clubs were very involved with community service as well.


I cant say that i brag about my school. It hasnt really been the experience i expected. Small classes are what got me to go but when i end up in a biology class of 40 and chemistry class of about 30, that isnt really what i wanted. I expected better for the amount of money i am investing.


I have no trouble getting what I need. I have a full ride and take advantage of the many opportunities I get.


When I tell my friends about my school I mostly brag about the fact that everyone almosts knows who is who, you basically see the same people everyday and the atmosphere is always cheerful. I absolutley love the fact that the classes are small and the professor has time for one to one communication and they know their students by name. The faculty always has time for their students and provide advice on how to do the work assigned and how to manage time for the assignments.


We are a really knit community, and we have small classes which allow a personal realtionship with our professors.


That our classes are really small. Also that our teachers truly do care about the students. I've had teachers give me their cell phone numbers just in case i had a question about the class assignments.


I don't brag too much about my school, but if it were going to be one thing, it would be how amazing the people are at St. Mary's, from the professors to the Marianists that live on campus, and also to the students. I've met a lot of people that I can talk to and get along with, such as my roommates and my advisor, who is one of the Marianists on campus. The people that make St. Mary's a great school are too numerous to count.


I like the flexibilty that it offers. I like being able to pick and choose when it is a conveince to me to log in and do my homework. I also like the fact that the classes transfer and you can take them to other Universities without a huge problem like you often have at other schools. The counselors are always responding to you or trying to check on you on a weekly basis so you dont have to worry about getting in a bind because they are trully there to help you succeed.


When I brag to my friends about my school, the first thing I tell them is that the school is great and I love it. I tell my friends that St. Mary's is ranked fourth in the West region for the best quality and value according to the U.S News Report. The faculty is another factor of this because there is a 13-1 student to faculty ratio. I would also tell them that the community is also vast and many students perform community service since St. Mary's is recognized and known as "College that Builds Character."


St. Mary's University was an amazing campus. The faculty and staff were very willing to help, the campus was more of a family than a community, the curriculum was rigorous and demanding, and I learned a great deal from my studies there. My undergraduate years there have helped prepare me for graduate school and every place I consider for professional studies is compared to St. Mary's.


It's one of the best schools in Texas! We placed 4th overall in the western United States.


Its a samll school that forcuses on you, and has a great tradation it holds.


That the classes are small so one can get that one on one interaction with the teachers.


That i love my school, and how everyone knows each other, the faculty is great, the classes are great and the people are amazing. there is alwasy something to do on campus and there are just the right amount of people.


The greek life, mostly my sorority. How expensive it is to come here. That most of the professors have PhD.'s


the friendlyness of all our students. you are able to go up to any one and become friends right away. there is no discrimination or judgment which makes it a comfortable place to be at.


I never bragged about it, since every school is different and they all have thier good points. Those I know picked school that is good for them.