St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


St. Mary's is, by it's nature, a Catholic institution. Therefore, if you are not a christian you might think twice before deciding on this school. Although I have never seen discrimanation based on religion, an emphasis is put on God.


Everyone should! This university is awesome. The university is very reputable and has a great alumni system. The student body is very welcoming and looks forward to new students bringing greater diversity to campus. Classes are nice and lesson-oriented. Professors are very good at staying on topic but making lessons entertaining. Overall, I think anyone who IS looking for a solid college experience and a good education with a close-net college community should attend.


Someone familiar with a fast paced life would find St Mary's to be too droll. It is a "home body" campus.


If you are a person who isn't willing to try, you should not attend this school. In my opinion though, if you are a person who isn't willing to try, you should not attend any school. College is not meant to be easy and it requires a lot of work. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort and do the work, you shouldn't attend St. Mary's University.


St. Mary's University accepts all types of people. It's a great school and has a very friendly community. However, if someone doesn't like a catholic environment, doesn't like small classes, and doesn't like a private school, this school isn't for them. I didn't think that I wanted to go to a private school, but I still enjoy attending classes at StMU. It's a great campus.


A person who is not commited to do any work or give their 100% effort into their studies shouldn't attend this university.


Anyone who would want to experience college in a crowded and more independent setting.


St. Mary's appears to be a very elite, difficult, highstanding school from what I have researched and read. The atmosphere is also of a serious nature. I would say if you want to party some (which isn't bad at all), I would advise going to another school. St. Mary's University is not for you if you want a larger school community, closer knit folks, big on sports. Geeky, full on academics okay with not having big sports teams, etc. THATS ME!!


Someone who does not want a small school with small classes. This school offers a family like community, so if someone doesn't want a close-knit group of people you will see everyday St. Mary's may not be the school for you.


Someone who doesn't like small campuses or class sizes,.


If you are a person that likes large universities and doesn't like to work hard then you shouldn't attend this university. Our classes have a maximum of twenty-five to thirty people per class and we do have to work hard for our grades. The teachers are very helpful and very experienced teachers so you learn the material effectively. It is a small, accomodating, and friendly university where anyone can fit in and expect a bright future.


Someone who is looking for a well rounded education. Someone who likes small classes.


I think that everyone should have an opportunity to attend college, or any sort of school. I don't think anyone should be denied entrance to any school despite their learning disability, race, or intellectual capacity. The more of a variety the more of an opportunity a person has to learn from other people for example things from other cultures and lifestyles.


StMU is a liberal arts university. The type of person that should not attend StMU is someone that is not open to new ideas, and new ways of looking at things.


People who do not like Hispanics or cultures other than there own should not come here. And those that lack a work ethic should not come, academically, this school is tough. If you don't wanna do the work, then don't come.


a person who is well driven and able to take on a full coarse load.


A person that does not like small universities or small communities .