St Olaf College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


St. Olaf's dedication towards becoming more environmentally -friendly: it has banned bottled water, decreasing the number of wasted plastics that go towards dumps. It also provides fresh, organic produce by the local farms. St. Olaf is also well-known for its study abroad programs. While many students may find themselves unable to experience this opportunity, St. Olaf does its best to make sure that a large number of students will get the chance to study abroad at least once during their time at St. Olaf.


We have great school spirit and there is always something to do.


I like to brag about the overall atmosphere of St. Olaf to my friends. Many students talk about "the feeling" they get when they step onto a campus and know that it is right for them. I feel that the combination of St. Olaf's' beautiful campus on a hill, secluded from town yet not too remote, and the friendly student body and faculty leave an incredibly positive aura on the campus. It is intoxicating and leaves the students longing to return in the fall.


I brag about the amazing study abroad options. Interim, January term, allows for many students to study abroad with groups from school and experience different cultures while learning with a St. Olaf teacher.


High quality of academics, only 30 minutes from the Twin Cities, Northfield is a great college town (also has Carleton College), great sports rivalries across the conference


the food


When I talk about studying abroad because my school offers many opportunities to study abroad. In addition our music and science programs, since I believe we have one of the best music and science program in the US.


St. Olaf is a wonderful community. There's always something going on-- educational, social and cultural events. Living in dorms on campus is great; the staff work really hard and are there if you need them. Classes can be pretty tough, but professors and the academic support center are available for extra help. The difficulty isn't usually material, it's finding time and dedication to study instead of hanging with friends and endless campus activites. Olaf has terrific study-abroad programs, a wonderful cafeteria, and lots of supportive staff including vocational guidance and a counseling center.


The known history of how well academically this school is.


How great my friends are.


natural lands, community, opportunities especially in the sciences


beautiful campus


Our excellent library facilities and accessibility.


Availability of technical resources, accessibility and knowledge of teachers, classroom interactions.