St Petersburg College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is there is no acclerated program for engineering. Also advisors are not much help, when wanting to find help about classes and transfers credits I was directed to multiple people who then directed me to talk to another person. For an engineering student all you really can do is follow the learning plan you are given.


Theres not much student interaction form what I see.


The buildings are being updated which is a plus but lots of consturction and distractions.


The avalibility of the classes. Getting finincial aid.


Saint Petersburg College does not only have one campus. It has several. The main campus is not close to my home. That particular campus offers the most variety of classes while the other campuses offer a much fewer. I am going to community college for money reasons and I do not have a ride to and from school. I walk. My particular campus, that I attend, does not offer more than two science classes a semester. To graduate with an AA or an AS, I will need to travel to take the class. It is not ideal because of transportation.


What is most frustrating is the way class registration is set up.

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