St Petersburg College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would have known a little more about how college life was really like that way I could have prepared myself a little better. Also, I wish that I had known of the other classes that they offered rather than just what I was told.


Before I came to St. Petersburg College, I wish I would have known more of my personal interests. I wish I would have looked a little longer at the specific A.S. degrees that SPC has to offer. That way I could have recieved my A.A. in conjunction with an A.S. in something specialized that I am interested in. For example, an A.S. degree that I recently saw and am very interested in is Environmental Science Technology.


I began my education experience at Santa Fe College in August of 2007. I only wish I would have known that the financial aid office was such a dreadful experience. Thus, I would have applied for more scholarships to make the loan process easier. However, I now have to stuggle to get by in college to make something more of myself by repetitively accpeting and reaccepting loans to make it. I now know that it is vital to take advantage of every opportunity that comes to you for it may give you a chance to succeed in any carrer.


I wish I would have known I had to more time in to my studies and not just attend class . also I would have like to know how the instrutors were going to be.


I wish i had more confidence in high school. I think what I knew was enough, I just needed to take more chances and step up to the plate more. I think i missed out on social learning experiences because I was scared to just go for it. I took the safe route most of the time but i think that if I risked things more often, I would learn more about life overall.


I wish i would have known the amount of time it takes me to get there.

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