St. Thomas Aquinas College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The administration and the tuition for such a small school.


My only complaint with my school is the freshman dorms are located across the street from the main campus where the classes are held. On cold winter mornings, students have to take a 15 minute walk to their class. Sometimes, especially during high traffic, a student can be left waiting to cross the street for more then 10 minutes which can ultimately decide wether you'll be late to class or not. Being a freshman at STAC, I've experienced the 10 minute wait on various mornings that can be brutal when it's 20 degrees and windy outside.




The unwillingness to follow the school's mission state of being committed to the truth. They administration and athletic department especially do not pay attention to the needs of their student-athletes, they are only concerned with themselves.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the yearly cost. It is a great school for educations yet I wish it was more affording. The loans families and students have to take out are toomuch!