St Thomas University Top Questions

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St Thomas is known for it small sized class, seriously commited faculty and well known alumi in the community. It is a catholic univeristy that is well respected in South Florida.


After seeing all "top notch university's" my mind completely changed after St.Thomas University's open house. Just driving in one feels like if campus was in someworld else, due to it's landscape, diversity and buildings. Yes,STU may be a small campus but one thing is forsure they are defently BIG at heart. Unlike others, STU interest was not what benefited them, instead me. When they say they are developing leaders for life, they mean it. St. Thomas is not just a university, it's a family filled with diversity!


St.Thomas University is somewhat small with a 1-4 ratio between student-teacher relationship. Classes are very hands-on and a relationship between the student and proffessor can be built easily.


Often teachers and students of the latin background, or spanish speaking countries, do not find it rude to speak spanish in front of others who are apparent english-only speakers.


its small