State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its a community college that has one of the best nursing programs.


I believe that formerly known as Manatee Community College, now known as State college of Florida is best known for its four year nursing program. Although the scholl is continuously adding new four year degrees.


My school is best known for its two year degrees, but now they have converted to a four year degree school, which has brought alot more students to teh school. The two year degrees make easy for to get an education and get into the work field quick with an education.


When you think of a community plagued by poverty and drugs you think of Bradenton. Manatee Community College is the cure, the safe haven to errogance. The school is best known for its intellectual pooling here in our town. We view it as one of the only ways out of the county. You'll find people struggling to reach new hights here. Our Nursing program has the most pull as far as students. However we have an excellent transfer program and resources to take you anywhere. When you think Manatee Community college, its not community, but rather its student population.


State College of Florida, previously Manatee Community College is most known for being affordable and really getting your money's worth. In today's economy, it seems impossible to be able to afford college. I grew up with my single mother, and financially, going to a big state university was never an option for me. State College of Florida has made it possible for me to attend school and enjoy it. I feel like I get the same education, if not better, than some of my friends that attend big colleges and universities.


My college is known for its excellent value and for the availability and ease it provides people in our community to attend college.


My school is know for its small classes and our excelent professors.


My school is mostly known for its academic progress over the fews years and its athletics programs