State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classes were a mix of serious students, people there for the credits/good grade and people going for nap time.


Most of the students here seem to be dedicated to being at college and completing thier majors, while getting good grades and having a good time.


very happy and outgoing and helpful


This is a very diverse welcoming community. Students don't have to change who they are and can freely express themselves and make friends. This can be done causally or through any of the the many clubs organizations, and/or sports. Organizations range from racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and much more. It is also easy to start an organization or club of your own if wanted.


When I look around me each day in class, I see the same faces wide-eyed with interest in the subject with arms raised around the room asking new and insightful questions; together my classmates and I work together to learn more about the world around us.


Students who are freshman in college, often find many challanges when it comes to adjusting to dorm life, learning and living. Some students do well their first year and some of them do not. It depends on what kind of student you are. After a while, you get use to the routine and you are able to do better as a college student. Just hang tight, do your best to get all the work finish and it will pay off. Don't work too hard, have some fun too. Be active and enjoy college, you'll be happy you did!


My classmates vary from class to class. Most classes I can easily interact with one of my peers and ask to borrow notes for a class that I may have missed. It's all pretty friendly.


There is a good amount of diversity. Different groups get along well and respect each other. Most students come from NY but there are some OOS students and a good number of Internationals as well. Most seem to be money conscious and come from middle class backgrounds. The student body is liberal and active.


a variation ranging from invalids to intelligent flowers.


Interesting, full of good ideas, smarter than you think.


Students are SUNY New Paltz are caring, hippie, vegetarian, barefooted, environmentalists and I love them.


Friendly and willing to help out.


individual, closest with those who share the same major


Culturally, ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse. Everyone is very open to others views, and everyone is very accepting.


Classmates can be very helpful only if you ask for help.




Nice, and always willing to listen to what you have to say.


I think my classmates could be friendlier. They are here to go to class and not makes friends which makes it harder for transfers like myself.


My classmates are, funny, helpful, caring, basically there for you.

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