State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The construction on campus, but that's only temporary and eventually the campus will be looking even more beautiful!


The most frustrating thing about New Paltz is the lack of communication. I came into my freshmen year with a lot of college credits. I am now in line to graduate a year early, but I feel out of the loop. None of my guidance counselors have provided me with the appropriate advice to dovetail my accelerating academic career.


For cummuters, parking has to be one of the most difficult things. Constant repairs .


The advising is not as good as I wouls have liked.


My school only has one dining hall, which seriously limits types of food they can serve. Considering they alone hae to serve six thousand kids, they have to cater to everyone, which results in thm having food that noone really wants to eat. I would like to see them start to pay more attention to their comments board and possible start using free range meat and eggs. That way, I could stop having cereal for dinner!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that some students who have the ability to do so well dont achieve what they can do. I have alot of friends who just got the school like me, and they think that parties and going out is more important then studying or doing their work. Its very frustrating because when their grades come in they feel sorry for themselves and have alot of regret. I wish some students worked harder so it would save them the sorry to their parents who are paying for their education.


If I had to pick a frustrating attribute of SUNY New Paltz (even though it is a very difficult feat) I would have to say that the dorms should require air conditioning in the summer and spring. Currently we only have two air-conditioned halls on campus and the heat is difficult to deal with during the warmer months of the year. Also, the main dining hall, Hasbrouck, could prepare fresher and healthier food for the students. Other than that, I am satisfied.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of diversity. out of thousands of people there are only 5% of them who are of African Descent (African American, Afro-Caribbean, ect). Because of this there is some ignorance of important subjects that pertain to the Black community as well as any other community of color.


Not sure


The dorms are slightly older, which means there are sometimes problems. food situation isn't that great either.


Classes that we need to graduate on time fill up too quickly and most of our advisors have no idea what they are talking about




Choosing classes for the Spring semester and the upcoming Fall 2008 semester was stressful . It became frustrating when the classes I wanted filled up before I got a chance to register. As a freshman, I got one of the last days and registration times. I made two alternate schedules in the event that things would go awry. While several classes that I wanted for the Spring and this Fall semester were unavailable, I was able to devise schedules that fulfilled credits for both the general education program and my major.

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