State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the value that you get compared to other schools. I feel like here at SUNY New Paltz you can get the same or at least close to the experience you would get at a good private school for the price of a SUNY school. The town and the surrounding area is beatutiful. I feel very safe here. There is also a lot to do on and off campus. Furthermore, most of the professors are very knowledgeable, approachable, and very helpful.


The best thing about my school is the program for education majors. Since SUNY New Paltz was first created to be a teaching college, the program has always excelled above other schools. The professors have often worked in the fields they teach, and they can connect the material they teach to real life classroom examples and stories. The advisors are very hands-on with making sure field work is set up and completed correctly. Education professors also care about what students will deal with after they graduate.


the opportunites


The general attitude of the student body! Students are kind and very accepting, no matter your race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. As long as you want to be here, you are welcomed.


SUNY New Paltz has many great features but if I were asked to pick one it would be its location. In a small town setting, nestled in between many wilderness preserves and state parks, New Paltz allows students a social life but also an outlet into nature. The peace I got by hiking helped me cope with stressful college life. And when I wanted I could always go to nearby Poughkeepsie for a night out in the city.


The best quality SUNY New Paltz has to offer is its free and open minded spirit the campus encompasses. Students that attend here come from all walks of life and are accepted with open arms within the campus community.


As a child I always was extremely artistic, creative and very into buliding things and making them work. I have always played music and always want the best of everything when it comes to my work. The passion I have led me to work multiple jobs to buy and repair electronics/amps for the sake of my music. This college was a important choice in my life - the ability to double major - Electrical Engineering and Contemporart Jazz Studies - Vocals/Guitar. This passion has always been with me - I am currently the only music/engineering double major in the whole school!


What I like most about my school is that it's small yet not too small at the same time. I feel like I'm at home and not lost within a sea of people. I can easily walk throughout my campus and never really need to worry about being late for anything since the furthest building from me on campus is only a 10 minute walk. The size is a strong plus.


The different programs offered such as the speech and language program. There was also an intense weekend language immersion institute. New Paltz is known for its art school and is also good for education.


The absolute best thing about my school is the small community in which it lies. There is such a warm sense of familiarity when I walk around my campus and the surrounding village. I'll walk downtown to eat sushi down the road then get a coffee at the corner, and I will always run into a friendly face. I see classmates working in stores, and teachers shopping about. That connection really makes my world at college like absolute fairy tale, as cheesy as that sounds.


The best thing about SUNY New Paltz is the metal program. The metals faculty is considered the best in the country, possibly world.


We have the great professors and advisers to helping students.


The shiny, happy, intelligent people.


There are many best things about SUNY New Paltz. It is a warm and friendly school. My teachers and advisors have been more than helpful and supportive to me. My room is really nice and comfortable and feels very safe. The food could be better for sure but the alternatives to the cafeteria are abundant with a lot of healthy offerings available. The work load is heavy but I found that I could get extra time to complete assignments if requested.


i consider the best thing about this school to be that it accepts bright students so all your classes are fairly interactive. i also love the nature the campus is surrounded by while still being close to the city. teh people are very accepting of gay students as well as those who might nor fit in in a regular social setting.


The quality of the education.


The best thing about my school is that ever one feel welcomed and free to express their ideas..


The diversity of the student body and the variety in the types of people one can meet. While the school is relatively small I still meet new people every day and find myself engaging in meaningful interactions with all different people.


The amount of clubs there are, the social life, the college town, and just the general friendly atmosphere.


How everyone has the ability to truely be themselves without being judged. Academically everything is here for students as long as they take advantage of it.


The best thing is how friendly we are, you can meet a person once and say hello, and that person has a potentially to be a lifetime friend. People are very helpful and caring, were like one family, we may have issues at times but we stick together.

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