Stetson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are generally friendly. I don't think I have ever felt unwelcome in the cafeteria or at an event. You just have to open up and say, "hi."


The students are generally friendly. I don't think I have ever felt unwelcome in the cafeteria or at an event. You just have to open up and say, "hi."


My classmates are fun, inclusive and sometimes loud and besides a more profound vocabulary, my classmates aren't very different than the ones in my hgh school Ap classes.


Well there is the usual not-so-smart jocks, ridiculously smart over-achievers, and slackers that sleep if they show up to class, but overall the majority of my peers are intelligent and highly-focused people really trying to do well in class.


We strive to achieve our full potential within the classroom, choose to broaden our scope of the world through offered campus activies, and exhibit Stetson's core values in our day to day lives.


When you enter a classroom at Stetson University, you may already know some one in the class due to size but most students are outgoing and willing to make friends.


Don't get distracted or discouraged just because you're on your own. Significant others usually come and go, friends stand by you no matter what. It's a great school, but not for everyone.


My classmates care about doing well in every class and each person takes responsibility when working with a group.


Most of my classmates are very social and engaged into group converstaions but there are a few who aren't open into socialing due to either shyness or self-esteem issues.


My classmates are focused and dedicated to their school work. They always put education first.


They are very respectful and helpful to each other.


Most students are middle class and almost everyone receives some type of financial aid. My experience with race and religious groups was positive until recently when a professor spewed off an anti-Semitic tirade and the school did nothing about it. Greeks tend to interact with greeks and consider themselves above anyone else. In the dining hall there would be four tables, one would be greeks, one would be weirdos/music students, another would be hispanic or black students and the other table would be athletes. Most of the students are from the eastern part of the country. Students tend to dress casually unless they are dressed up because they belong to a greek organization.


Whether it be the environment, social issues, or just their major, students at Stetson care. Life for a Stetson student is different than that of any other college student in the country. The experience/ memories and friendships you will have at Stetson will last a life time. I never regretted coming here.


Stetson is a very diverse community. It is very welcoming and all groups are accepted. I don't think that any specific group would feel out of place. Students outfits range from just getting out of bed to looking like they are going to homecoming, it just depends on the person. Students all interact well and are friendly. There are students from every state and you also meet students from other countries. There is no specific financial, ethnic, religious, or political group that is most or least prevalent, the school in total is well represented of all.


There are a variety of students at Stetson University. From what I have seen there is no discrimination about race or how one dresses. Like I said, we have a small school. Its hard to really judge anyone because everyone is friends or at least knows of eachother. Its not smart to make enemies of someone that you may see every single day. Your going to run into everyone a least a few times while roaming campus. Like every place you have your very opinionated people and those who are indifferent. Most students I know are from around here or up north.


Everyone is very nice and accepting of other people so far, we all have out differences but no one outwardly judges you because of that here at Stetson.


Stetson is getting more diverse every year. There is a large open LGBT population here and there are quite a few international students I have met over the past 3 years. However there are not many transfer students and Stetson doesn't seem to put much effort into recruiting non-traditional students. So, if you are a little older, returning to college, or a transfer student you are likely to be the "oldest" person in many of your classes. Administration also ignores your maturity level and you are treated just like the 18 year old kids just out of high school. Except of course when you go to the C.U.B. (cafeteria) then you are treated as staff LOL. There are a lot of activities on campus for students but none are geared towards transfer students. All that being said the students at Stetson are very nice and I have not had an issue with any of them. Most are friendly and willing to interact in a professional way with other students who may not be in their "clique".


Very nice people here. We have several active political and social groups and I really do not feel that anyone would feel out of place here.


If you're a transfer student you might feel a bit out of place. Most students here are fresh out of high school. Other than that, there are a lot of great people here.


Students are pretty diverse with regards to their interest. Generally, all students are well aware of societal issues and well versed in their field of study. Typically, students are very involved in one or more school organizations.


The majority of the students here are laid back. I haven't noticed any cliques. Students here range from every level of the social status. The majority is white females, but as a black female I do not feel uneasy or segregated.


The students at the school interact with each other extremely well. There aren't really stereotypes at the school. Honestly, I don't think any studen twould feel out of place here. Stetson has such a welcoming atmosphere that you can't help but feel at home. Most of the students here are from Florida but there are many from out of state and some from out of the country.


accepting of others, not judgmental, helpful, kind, and open to others.


Most of the students are very open and accepting of all diversity. For a school in the Deep South Stetson is really open, and there are always diversity events going on for "cultural credit", there a ton of diversity clubs, and everyone is real relaxed about each other's differences and is proud of how different we are. It is the South so I won't say that everybody is accepting. There have been a couple incidents, but the administration deals with them really quickly, and those people are definitely a small minority. Everyone I know is really accepting and active. I don't think anybody would really feel out of place here. There's no dress code so girls will be dressed in anything from athletic shorts and a t-shirt to dress shirts and button down shirts and guys wear whatever; the frat guys all have certain days they wear their jerseys, and every frat has a designated "dress day" where they show up in suits or khakis and blazers. Stetson is also really awesome with financial aid, and actually over 10% of students come from backgrounds below the poverty line and Stetson pretty much picks up everything. If you like to volunteer there is also the Bonner program and scholarships and they basically pick up everything too.


Most of the classmates are nice and helpful by lending a hand when you need it the most.


My classmates are hardworking and talented individuals who are some of the best undergraduate music students in the country.


Self motivated, artisitic, and full of life.


They are very interesting people in their own, respective ways.


My classmates are competitive and determined to be the best.


We are a very diverse family.


My classmates are individuals who express there thoughts very well.


My classmates are pretty intelligent for the most part, as there are always a few questionable characters, but I enjoy the majority of them and like the variating insight they all provide.


Everyone who's there wants to be there, so it makes for a very involved, energetic student body.


They are very smart and helpful. Many are willing to help when problems arise.


All-in-all, my classmates were not only intelligent and hard-working they were also approachable, friendly, and fun.


There's a bit of racial diversity on campus. Not a whole lot, but a bit. If you want to find people with different viewpoints and socioeconomic backgrounds, you don't have to look far - chances are the person sitting next to you will think differently than you, which allows for a lot of really great conversations. Don't expect to "get away" with anything if the only reasoning you have to back it up is "my parents thought this way!!" - you won't get very far! The people are, for the most part, ridiculously friendly and open to meeting new people. Most people know each other on campus, not so much so that everyone is in everyone's business, but to the extent that you'll always recognize someone wherever you are on campus.


My classmates are smart, fun to be around, well rounded, and loves learning and engaging each other.


The Stetson student body is for the most part very open and accepting. There is a wide range of students from many backgrounds and it's possible for everyone to find their niche. About 78% of students are from in the state of Florida while approximately 22% come to Stetson from out of state. People obviously aren't going to be best friends with everyone but for the most part people get along pretty well. You do have to put yourself out there, meaning you can't wait in your room and expect friends to just appear. I made a big effort to get involved on campus rather than just chilling in my room on my off time and its worked out really well for me.


My classmates are usually very work-oriented and enjoy the challenging environment, along with leisure activities such as clubs, sports and organizations; I am sure they will make well rounded, excellent colleagues one day.


My classmates, are very helpful, intelligent, and supportive of each other.


My classmates are accepting.


My classmates are students that I see all the time and we all know that learning here is everything later.


you get the same people actively participating.


Driven, focused, and open-minded.


Helpful and involved in each others' lives, a little too clique-ish at times, overall supportive and friendly.


Very helpful and outgoing.


Engaged in the college learning process.


My classmates are crazy. They like to party and have fun, and they are good to talk to.