Stetson University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Redlands is best known for studies in communicative disorder and the Johnston program. Johnston allows students to create their own major to fit their unique interests and abilities. But I'd say really people know it for being a small liberal arts college that gives students a chance to take classes outside of their comfort zone that aren't just for general ed credits. Also the staff is truly there for the students to help and advise.


We are best known for our small sized classes, A-Sun conference winning basketball teams, beautiful campus, and law school.


It's history, small classes, and its diverse student body.


Small class sizes. The difference a small class can make is enourmous. Going to a large university meant sitting in a room with 300 other college students. Always being a number and never a face was never appealing. My professors know who I am, they know my major, and even my name. They care about us as students. Stetson University offers a unique class setting that allows us to bond with our professors. If I need help with an assignment my professors don't hesitate. The best feeling in the world is having a professor who cares. Welcome to Stetson.


Stetson University is best known for the Buisness and Law school programs that it provides. A large majority of the students on campus are either buisness majors or another major with a plan to attend a law school or the Stetson Law school.


Stetson University is best know for its School of Music.


Stetson University is best known for it's School of Business, School of Music, and Law program. It is known for it's tight, kniship connections with the students and the teachers. It is known for it's excellent student teacher ratio this 12:1 on average. It is known for it's diversity from club sports to the diverse activities and opportunities given to everyone.


From my perspective, Stetson University is best known for its School of Music. I am a piano peformance major.


Stetson University is a very welcoming and nurturing University. It is perfect for students who want that one on one attention with their teachers and that want to be in a small environment while studying. The party and night life is almost non existent in the area and is perfect for students who are focussed on studying and gaining a successfull education.


My school is must known for being stone-cold sober and incredibly hard.


Stetson is best known for its small town atmosphere and being the first private university in the state of Florida. It is also known for its college of law which is located in Gulfport, Florida, whose trial advocacy team is ranked number 1 in the country.


We have an oustanding business school as well as an exemplemary political science department, the school of music is also very well known and highly accredited.


The Arts is the what Stetson University is best known for.


Stetson University is best known for being the first private university in Florida. The Business school is also well known with distinguished alumni and the Music school provides concerts and other entertainment to the university as a whole. Stetson also prides itself on being eco-friendly with a myriad of student organizations dedicated to green practices. Stetson also shares a strong positive relationship with the city of Deland. This bond allows for students to participate in city run celebrations and festivals where students can showcase their hard work. The focus on research is also one of Stetson's tenets.


My school is best known for its pre-Law, pre-Med, Law, Business, and other career interests.


My school is best known for haveing the first Private Law School in Florida. It is also known for being one of the best Universitys in the USA.


Our Music program and recently our law and finance programs. Our jazz and symphony programs and our Roland George investment program brings in kids from around the country.


Business School or music school.


being the first private school in florida. Its music and law school.


Business, Law, and Music.


Stetson is best known for its business school (Lynn). Especially the Roland George Investment Program.


Stetson is known for its business school and pre law . Its one of the top schools in that area around Florida.


Stetson is best known for its overall community and academics. Stetson truly is like a second home to its students; students as well as faculty and staff take care of each other, even during rough times. Community not only exists in Stetson's social enviroment, but also in the classroom. High academic standards extend throughout the school, creating a community of success in everyone. There are multiple ways to get help, and support is always given.


The School of Music and the College of Law.


It's high-level business program, as well at its ability to help its students get a job out of college. Also known for its small class size.


My school is best known for it's law school and music school.


law school


My school is best known for being Floridas oldest private school and for being excessively expensive.


Music and volunteerism.


The school is very well known for academic excellence, its business school and law school.


Our school is best known for its Business School. The Lynn Business Center is not only the newest building on campus, but it is also a Green building. The technology there is the best of any building on Stetson's campus.