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What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are great, of course you get to pick your own classes, but Stetson allows you to know your proffesors and a lost of them are pretty awesome. Last semester I had four classes and while there was frequent work, the proffesors were understanding and lenient. At Stetson class participation is a must, you do not have to raise your hand for every question or know every answer, you just won't be allowed to sit in a corner and sleep. But in reality that's a good thing because then you'll be prepared for your exam, if your teacher chooses to have an exam in that class or not. Some don't and it's pretty cool! I myself am a double major and I have to say I love being an English major. There are get togethers' and competitions and raffles held all the time, at least once a month and everyone in the English department is polite. Just like other teachers they are willing to help. I feel that while there are a lot of requirements for Stetson, they are achievable and they will help you get a job in the future.


The professors are the great thing about stetson. The professors all know your name and are willing and able to help you with anything you'd need. The class sizes are small so professors know your name and take a genuine interest in your education. Students are competitive and depending on the class students may or may not participate. Im in the political science department and I would recommend it to anyone. Professors host events outside of class and are available if you need them most of the time. the academic requirements are understandable but the registrar's office makes it waaay difficult to transfer credits which turns alot of people off.


The academics at my school are very nice. All of my professors know me by name. The academics are very rigorious and students study a lot. Class participation is very common, most classes are structured to be more involved than just the professor lecturing. Class participation is very important. Students can be competitive, but it is not a major deal. In the business department, it is clear that every professor cares about their students and wants to help them learn and succeed in the business world. Professors don't just care about their students grades, they like to actually get to know you and who you actually are. Some professors will invite classes to get together outside of class for a more informal atmosphere. The education is geared toward learning but also on a course to help you get a job in life.


The academics at Stetson are unmatched in the region. At no other University in Central Florida can a student be challenged and feel as accomplished as we do here. Another one of my favorite things about Stetson is the class size. whereas at other Universities you are just a number, at Stetson most classes are caped at 20 students which makes for a hands on learning experience where your professor will know your name. What other well know University can say that?


Professors not only know your name but will ask why you weren't in class. True story my Teacher told a student "Oh you decided to join us today" after he had missed two classes that week Name and told him the notes are posted on blackboard. We have a test Monday better get studying and if you need any help send me an email. As i saw him do for any student i thought may be falling behind. MIS was my favorite class the professor was straight forward made the class fun and tied in his personal stories to his teachings. My least favorite class was basic marketing i thought the teacher talked to much about sports and not enough about marketing. Students study 10/ a week maybe more. Class participation is a must very rare you don't at least once in class whether in a group or class project. The students at stetson i have found are very intellectual in the way they talk and carry themselves. A conversation could last for hours. I am a business administration major. Yes i actually worked out with one of my professors being in the gym at the same time. I find the school geared more toward getting a job as i have experience in the real world business aspect being a leasing professional for an apartment complex top seller. I noticed allot of the business aspect talked about in class are exactly the same as when i worked for Concord management A very highly regarded Company.


I am a history major and at first was considering a Russian Studies minor. I decided on a whim to take a Business Law course. Little did I realize it is a junior level course and I am a freshman. This is my favorite class. I want to minor in Buisness Law. The professor is incredible and makes difficult concepts easy to understand. There is a lot of class participation in most of my classes and so far in my year at Stetson, I haven't had one bad teacher. I have been to two professor's houses so far and I am looking forward to more opportunities. We had a Russian dinner party and a Chili/History party. I cooked side by side with other classmates and my Professors and their families. It was a great experience!


All of my professors know my name here and most seem to genuinely care about my grades and personal well being. My favorite classes are any Biology Class I can take, however, my absolute favorite class that I have taken here at Stetson was Ethics of Mortality. Like most of the classes I have taken it was a LOT of work, but, in that class you learn so much about yourself. It was eye opening and intellectually stimulating, plus the professor is a joy. I can't say how much other student study, but I study a minimum of 3 hours a day, some days much much more. During finals or a week before any test it is not unusual to spend every free hour of my day studying. My major is Biology and I am planning to attend Vet school so I have to take a lot of chemistry classes as well. Every professor in the Bio department is outstanding. When you graduate from Stetson you will be very knowledgeable in your field.


The academics here are challenging but rewarding with some of the best professors you could ask for.


Science- difficult Business- easy Music- time consuming All other departments are fairly standard. A note on professors- They are totally awesome! You can always visit them during office hours for help. They actually care about helping you succeed, which is very refreshing (compared to a large state school).


The academics range depending on your major. There are several courses that students can take for an easy A. On the other hand, there are also several options for students who truely desire to be challenged. Competition in this school is very aggressive, therefore, you must keep up with your studies or get lost in the pack.


Stetson has an awesome Music department and Business department! I am a Business Management major and I am loving every minute of my studying here.


Professors always know your name here at Stetson. Class sizes are small enough for students and teachers to engage in active learning instead of listening to lectures. Students often sudy for a few hours a day or more. I feel that the school's academic requirements help to broaden the learning spectrum because of the general education classes all students are required to take.


They are good, all the professors here are Doctors in there field and know what there talking about for the most part. Lots of work for the most part, but that's expected when going to a University.


awesome professors know you by name and are very helpful when you dont understand something


The academics are pretty difficult, Stetson is actually one of the best Southern regional universities, and the classes can be difficult. The professors are all great though and they are always willing to help out if you have any problems whatsoever. Professors and departments will have cookouts at their house or put on events outside of class, and a lot of students will participate in these events (especially when there is free food). For instance, I am an Integrative Health Science Major on a pre-med track, and the science department is really great, and all the professors and students become really involved in one way or another. The classes and professors are great, but definitely ask around about which professors are the best. Some of them may be really difficult, but they are really interesting and the classes they teach are a lot of fun.


The thing I love most about Stetson is how small the classes are, which I mentioned before. Your professors will know your name by the end of the first class, and more than likely remember it at the beginning of the second. Professors are ridiculously accessible - they have lots of office hours, and if your schedule doesn't fit into those hours, 99% will juggle around their schedule to meet with you. I have to say, if you're going to college only to earn more money in your job one day or get a piece of paper, apply elsewhere. The faculty, not to mention most of the students, want you to learn to think critically, research effectively, and argue persuasively. That sounds ridiculously cliche, but it's the truth. Stetson offers a wide variety of majors, regardless of its small size. We have everything from Music to Family Business to Spanish to integrative Health Sciences. And if you're in the Honors program, which you'll apply for soon after you apply to Stetson, you can make your own major, which I'm in the process of doing right now. The professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields, and not so obsessed with research that they don't have time to further YOUR interest in the field like they are at most big-name schools.


Because classes sizes are so small and the student- faculty ratio is low, the relationship between the professors and students is great. 99% of the professors at Stetson have terminal degrees, which basically means they have the highest degrees possible within their respective areas. For the most part the faculty is accessible and very helpful to the student body. I've had it happen where I just walk into a professors office at some random time with a question and they drop what they are doing to give me ten or fifteen minutes to explain whatever it is I'm confused about. The classes are not easy, in fact some of them can be quite challenging and require hard work on the part of the student but I found that if I put the work in and challenge myself I learned a lot more and A's are by no means impossible. Students are also required to do undergraduate research, such as a senior project, which allows them to learn important things about doing research and includes a presentation before faculty members and students.