Stetson University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The most pronounced stereotype for my school is that everyone is wealthy and spoiled. This is most likely because it is a private college, but most students recieve scholarships. Another is that there are some who would be called geeks or nerds. I know it was that way in high school, but those same people you would not be caught hanging out with back then will become your friends in college.


Students at Stetson are sterotyped as being wealthy, extremely studious students who want to excel academically. In my eyes, this sterotype does hold true in terms of the extremely studious student. Students here love to learn and acquire new information on a day to day basis.


Some common stereotypes at my school are being Greek, as in in a sorority or fraternity or being a GDI. Non-affiliated. Another stereotype is being a weirdo if you're a music student.


It's sad to say that the stereotype of students of Stetson is the same as other private schools. Most people think we all are rude stuck up rich kids; I am happy to say that nothing could be further from the truth. The people here are so friendly, kind and will go out of their way to assist you whenever you need help! I love it here.


I think that a common stereotype at my school is Greeks. There are a lot of students very involved in Greek life and can be seen a lot around campus. Unlike the common Greek stereotype, Stetson Greeks uphold a good reputation.


I am Hispanic and till this day I have not found there to be any stereotyping in stetson.


At Stetson University there are not a huge amount of stereotypes. What ones we do have is a split between the Greeks and the GDI's. The GDI's is basically what you would call those students who are not Greek. If your not familiar with what Greek is, it is the sorotities and fraternities around campus.


The only stereotype I thought of when I transferred here was that most of the students would be from above average income families, young and sheltered. This has proven to be fairly accurate in my opinion.


I would say the stereotype here that we are all a bunch of fresh out of high school rich kids. I am a nontraditional student and I find that this is the most welcoming school when it comes to transfers.


Prior to applying, most students at Stetson feel the school is full of really smart and wealthy kids. This stereotype is somewhat accurate. It's fairly easy to get financial aid (if you qualify) so not every student has a wealthy family. As for the school being full of really smart and dedicated students? Not completely accurate.


Most students come from relatively wealthy families so there is a stereotype of "rich kids."


I've never heard of any stereotypes as Stetson. However, when I came to Stetson for the first time (for a Phi Theta Kappa conference), I noticed that everyone has their own creative style and no one comes off as judgmental. People are friendly for the most part. No matter where you go, you will come across people whose personalities and/or attitudes are less than desirable. It's something you have to learn to adjust to as an adult.


I'm a sophmore at stetson university and have never really experienced any stereotypes at this school


The stereotype of students at Stetson is mainly "frat kids:. While we do have a lot of Greek students here, I believe the stereotype isn't true. Lots of Greek students don't follow the typical Greek stereotype though.


We are known for really being "Greek" (Fraternity and Sororities). While this stereotype is a true one, its a positive for the school. Stetson has very good Greek life and I highly recommend looking into rushing if you come to stetson.


most people think that stetson students are rich snobs......this is deffinatly not true!!! Ever since I came to stetson all I have ever come across was nice,sweet,caring people.


Laid back, volunteers, frat and sorority kids, people who are excessively awesome.