Stetson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who doesn't mind getting close to people and sharing a fun yet serious education would be at home here. If you like southern California weather and a small campus this is for you!


Stetson University students are dedicated to their studies and seem to know their direction or intended course of study from the onset of their college career. The typical Stetson student is extremely passionate about their major whether it be law or the arts. The campus is small which affords the students to become a more cohesive unit. A person that enjoys getting involved with campus programs and clubs will love this close knit community. Stetson does an excellent job of offering a variety of clubs, NCAA sports and club sports as well as a great Greek life.


Driven, focused, smart, and positive person. It is very easy to get depressed or lonely here. You have to be willing to do alot of leg work in order to get what you want in terms of jobs or oppurtunities.


A person who wants one on one with their professors. Someone who doesn't mind a small campus and someone who wants to get involved with school activties


A student looking to further their educational career with the personal help of the professors should attend Stetson University. The teachers aren't busy with a thousand other students so they have more time to spend with you. Stetsons administrative staff also makes an efford to help as much as they can to make sure you know exactly what you're doing and what comes next. Stetson is a great school if you are looking to make meaningful social and intellectual connections that will influence the rest of your life.


People that can either get a full ride scholarship or has a lot of money to spend on tuition and fees. Also they are very interested in involvment in their school and using more than just the classroom to learn.


The type of person that should attend this school is rich and smart. Many of the students in the school have the latest and greatest of everything, ipads, iphones, pretty much anything that is Apple related. They also take about money and items like it doesn't mean anything to them. I am not rich, nor talk about money like it's not a big deal. I have found a few people like me on campus, but there are very few.


Stetson is full of all kinds of students. Stetson is the melting pot of student types, pretty much any person can fit in here.


A person who is completely dedicated to their studies. Someone who is driven academically, while able to maintain an adequate social life. Stetson is both a studious and social campus.


The person who should attend this school is someone who is academically driven, who is willing to work for their goals. This person should have a desire to want to be involved in things such as clubs, community service projects and other extra curricular activities. A stetson student also must enjoy learning and have a willingness to learn new things, and have a variety of interests. Participation is heavily encouraged so any prospective student must be comfortable and confident when it comes to sharing their ideas, as well as, be willing to listen to the ideas of others.


If you are a dedicated individual that strives for success, then Stetson University is the college to attend. Someone who is motivated and hardworking will fit perfectly in this school. As long as you are willing to put forth effort and time so your future looks brighter, than you will excel at this university.


A student at Stetson University should have interests in academic achievement, research and community involvment. Students are encouraged to become active members of the community and to volunteer on a regular basis. Emphasis is placed upon academics and research; high expectations are placed upon each student and their performance in class.


I believe the type of person that should attend this school is someone who really wants to better themselves and create an opprotunity for a better life for themselves. I believe that for a person to attend Stetson they must be hard working, comitted, and willing to make the neccessary sacrifices to better themselves for the future.


One should attend Stetson University if you are looking for a small close-knit yet very diverse campus life. To attend Stetson, one should be very focused and determined, friendly and out-going. One should also excell academically. Be a people person!!!!!!


Someone who wants an advanced education, a great student body to befriend, professors that genuinely wish to pass this knowledge to willing minds, a small but brimming downtown area a short walk from campus, and an intimate community should apply for Stetson.


College applicants that are looking for a school with a community atmosphere and a dedication to acadmics as well as extra-curricular activities would be at home at Stetson University. There are many opportunities to excel and be recognized (by name, not number) for students looking to perform.


This school is intended for people who want an academic challenge. It is also a great school for people who like to get involved. We have many organizations that foster community involvement and other causes.


Someone who wants to attend a small school, where you are treated like a person and not just a statistic.


Stetson University is a great school for anyone. It has a vast diversity of students from all over the country and world. If you enjoy small close knit communnity, then Stetson is definitly the place for you. As a student if you feel that you do better in an enviorment where you can work closely with your teachers then you should definitely come to Stetson. At Stetson the class sizes are realtivly small, so you really get to know your proffessors and they are always available to give you the help you need. Stetson University is a family, a community.


Stetson University is geared toward highly motivated individuals who know what they want. Self-starters would find the environment particularly condusive, whereas students who require daily reminders about assignments will not feel at home here.


The type of person who should attend this school is of any race and any ethnicity. They are a financially stable person wiht a can do attitude. They are outgoing, flexible, strong academically, and they care about the academics of others. They don't mind a small town or walkign to class everyday. They can take the heat and they own a pair of rainboots!


Someone who likes to know just about everyone. This school is great for people who want a close group of friends but still have knowledge of who other people are. Enjoy's working hard towards their future.


Someone dedicated and intelligent. It is not a school to goof off at. If a student wants to drink and party his/her way through college, he/she should go to a state school. But if one is going to pay tuition to go to college, academics must to be taken seriously.


an anthlete or someone who lives close to the school.


Someone who loves school, and wants to know everyone, likes small communities and wants to learn about a lot of different things and other ways of life.


someone that is really focused on school


Someone who likes community and close relationships, close interaction with professors, who likes to be accountable for their work and engagements.


Someone who is very dedicated towards education and has a clear path for futuristic goals. Someone that doesnt mind the lack of diversity and someone who is heavily into the fraternity/sorority seen.


Rich kids attend this school. So make sure you are one or can compete with them. They all drive Lexus' or BMW.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is serious about their intended major. They should be able to stay focused on the work, but at the same time be able to form relationships with their fellow students and the faculty.


Someone who is willing to work extremely hard to keep their grades up and learn as much as they can.


Anyone who enjoys the small town life yet wants a good education with good people.


A person who is ambitious about learning and has his or her priorities in order should attend this school.


A person who is very driven to learn, loves to socialize and do community service and has the money to go here.