Stetson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you have any financial struggles, are not rich, and not very involved.


A person who wants to have an avid night lifestyle and wants to go to college to party should not attend this school. The students that come here really do take their education seriously and that trumps having a crazy party life.


Someone who isn't willing to spend most of their free time working on school. Someone with little money who doesn't have the GPA to get scholarships.


Someone who only plans on partying and not focusing on their studies.


Close-minded persons should avoid Stetson University. There's a lot of diversity at this school between students and professors with many different beliefs being shared. If you are the type that doesn't respect others' views and can never agree to disagree, you will find it difficult to assimilate into Stetson's microculture.


The type of person that should not attend this is school is a person that does not care for education and learning and bettering themselves as an individual. Because the second you walk on the campus, the aura of the students and teachers make you want to thrive to be the best possible person, friend, and student. Everyone's positive energy at the school makes you want to learn and flourish as best as you can. Individuals who are not interested in growing in any aspect, should not attend a University like Stetson.


Any one can come to Stetson! Like I said before, it's such a great place to really open your eyes to a new town and your mind to your surroundings and education. The year that I was accepted slogan was: "Dare to be Different". Stetson encourages us to be diverse with our cultures and what we have so far come in contact with in our young lives.


There really isn't any type of person that shouldn't attend Stetson. It is a very welcoming environment and everyone here on campus is friendly and open to new people. I love it!


If you are a slacker, then Stetson University is definitely NOT the place for you. Especially the History Department. The professors expect your absolute best, and they push you until you perform at your best. If you can't handle the pressure, or aren't willing to put yourself out there and work harder than you ever have before, Stetson is not the place for you.


Stetson is a very diverse prestigious institution, where success, hard work and determination can get you a long way. There are a lot of individual who can triumph at Stetson, those who plan on becoming doctors, scientist etc but there others who wouldn’t be able to with stand the sustenance that Stetson expects. Individual who aren’t organize, lazy and anyone who think College was just a party place doesn’t belong nowhere close to Stetson and would find that out immediately. So if you plan to go to Stetson plan on working hard.


A person that is comfortable in bigger classrooms settigns should not attend this school.


Someone who is looking for a large school. With thousands of students. Though we do have alot of fun it is not just one big party.


Someone who is really looking to achieve all that they can in life. Stetson offers all the tools needed to accomplish the highest goal possible, and all that's needed is a student who is willing to do just that. Someone who is determined and wants to be a success. Then Stetson is the place to be.


A person that doesn't like small classes


Anyone that does not want to learn. At Stetson, if a person has difficulty or has not been trained to think critically at high school, the close teacher-student relationship can really help them. Everyone has things they need to learn, but it is one's responsibility to seek help and to try to overcome the difficulties. Only that enthusiasm for learning will make a student succesful at Stetson.


Stetson would not be the ideal place for someone that wants to simply go through college without being noticed and getting a degree. It is very hard to go through the difficult courses and small size classes without being asked to participate. However, this is one of the reasons that make Stetson great. If a student chooses to not have a social life, he/she will not feel pressured to make friends, but the option is always available. The students seem to always be respectful of one another, with the rare exceptions that are typical of college students.


Do you like dissolving into the background in class? Do you hate it when the teacher knows your name? Is it too stressful to be surrounded by nice people all the time? Do you hate the beach and small town comforts? Then Stetson University is NOT the school for you!


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone with negative energy, everyone at Stetson conducts themselves in a positive manner and are all polite.


A person that shouldn't attend Stetson University would be someone that is not dedicated, and not a good student. Some other characteristics are a person that doen'st like to read, get involved, and have a challenge. Lastly, someone that doesn't to meet people from different places, and learn from different cultures shouldn't attend this school.


Someone looking for a big city, fast paced environment. Not too many special interest majors, and few teaching majors.


Students who are not focused on their academics will not succeed at Stetson, specifically if they are seeking a Liberal Arts degree. The business department is somewhat less rigorous. Stetson is expensive, so those who are inclined to do poorly and lack the finances to attend will not succeed.


Someone who is not willing to work hard and is looking for a party school. Stetson has a great social life but is not a "party" school. The school is academically tough but with hard work and studying it can be done.


Someone who is looking to party for four years, and actively follow a football/sports team.


People who are not openminded.


The person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who like the big city life and having a large campus. Stetson's campus is spread out, but there are only 3,000 students, so don't go here if you want that big school feel.


a person that wants a big school feel, lots of shopping and nightlife... at stetson there is just enough to be happy for four years and its in between daytona and orlando so while there is a small town feel, there is beach activity and other college nightlife nearby.


Open minded people who lie small towns and small classes.


Someone who wants anonymity or a football team.


A person who has money because it is really expensive. Also, a person who wants to have a small class size and really close-knit community. Stetson is a good school because of the Alumni and Music program.


I would not recommend uncommitted or lazy people to attend Stetson University. Stetson is very reasonable and willing to take on students even if they are undecided in a major so long as they continue to achieve high excellence in their own personal growth. Most students that display laziness and/or disinterest in class end up failing at a higher rate than those students who attempt and work hard at their studies. Stetson University wants its own students to pass and achieve greatness, but it does not support those who are not going to try their best.


Those who do not enjoy greek life.


A person who is not focused and doesn't have the financial means to waste time should not attend this school.


Someone who likes huge gatherings, football games, and easy classes. If you go out too much and don't attend classes, you are guaranteed to drop out. Stetson is no joke when it comes to classes. They are vigorous, but you will come out learning a grand amount of knowledge. There's no price to attain that.