Stevens-Henager College-Murray Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is an all online college and there arent any ways to go there to get on a campus becuase thier is no dormatories. they do not offer scholarships.


With online schooling it is most frustrating when the blackboard program crashes mid-session. Besides computer glitches, I dont have major complaints yet. My teachers are nice. The online staff is very quick to answer my questions.


This school is awesome!!! I do online schooling so sometimes I have technical problems like most people with computers have. I have nothing else that frustrates me in this school.


I don't feel any frustration about my school, however, there is always stress when it relates to school. Assignments due, tests or quizzes and being able to pay for it all is stress enough. But when you include family functions such as football, drama classes, soccer practice, the kids' tutoring, dinner, work, whatever it may be... Life is a non-stop super roller coaster.


The most frustrating thing I have about school, is that some times my instuctors don't explain the work to my full understanding.