Stevenson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are driven and they want to succeed in every course.


Everyone has respect for each other. In addition, the school is very diverse.


My fellow classmates at stevenson are very up beat, diverse, and ALWAYS willing to lend a hand. I am always partisipating in group studies and and always lending a hand just as my classmates would do for me. Without a doubt everybody helps everybody even faculty.




My classmates are hardworking and very focused.


They are willing to learn and help others as well.


My classmates are eager to socialize and learn.


I was not an outgoing student but was felt accepted by my friendly classmates at Villa Julie.


The saying that people are the same everywhere rings true for Stevenson. People from all walks of life attend Stevenson University, and from my experiences the general atmosphere is one of good vibes. No one cares how you live your life, as long as you're happy (and not hurting any one). The only student that would feel out of place at Stevenson University is one who wasn't there to learn or try to make friends. As a transfer student and commuter it was hard for me to make friends, but I met my girlfriend at Stevenson University. Students are incredibly passionate about their ideologies and hobbies, but never try to force them on another. Most students at Stevenson are from all parts of Maryland from Annapolis to Ocean City, Baltimore County down to P.G. County. Stevenson University is a fairly liberal school, and the students hold true to that.


My classmates are great people and really fun to work with.


My classmates are friendly, fun, outgoing, and polite.


Calm, cool, laid back, and down to earth.


My class mates are so funny that i enjoy class every single day.


My classmates are as different and diverse as all the fish in the sea; a wonderful array of fascinating people who all wish to succeed and strive to do well just like me.




My classmates are all ethnic, unique, open minded, and intelligent.


My classmates are young adults that I can relate to because of the simular goals and ambitions we share.


My class mates come from a wide range of different backgrounds, race ,and religion. They are thinkers ,who love to show their imagination, as well as helpful individuals. Sometimes they can be goof balls showing their immaturity once in awhile, but it is never a distraction. My classmates aren't afraid to work with each other , always wanting to help. It's you scratch my back ,I'll scratch your back type of world, but to us we're just helping one another out. Our school is a close nit school which keeps us close as well.


My classmates are creative, intelligent and out-of-the-box thinkers whose developing skill sets and study habits are greatly helping to succeed and achieve their goals.


With classes being so small, your are able to make friends with most of your classmates, and able to form great friendships that will last your entire college career and longer.


All from the same area, so they are all the same....very few out-of-state students.


They are all very friendly and willing to help.


My classmates were extremly focused on the assignments given, but they were very willing to give help to another student or do group projects.


Generally, classmates are nice and helpful.


They are very friendly and helpful


Atfirst i thought everyone was stuck up, but then i realized they were all shy just like me. Now i have some of the greatest classmates and friends someone could wish for. We are always there for eachother and everyone is always willing to go above and beyond to help someone else out.