Stillman College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give high school self would be to study harder than what you already do. The transition from high school studying and college studying is totally diffent and it becomes harder if you are not already studying on a college level. Not only just for classes, but for the ACT also. If I would have studied more I could have got a scholarship from Stillman College. I would also tell myself that I should apply myself more. Doing enough just to get by will not get you by on the college level. I would say that you have to go beyond what everyone else is doing to separate you from the crowd. Even though I had a lot of success my first year at Stillman College, I could have had more if I would have really stayed focused in high school. One of the most important things that I would tell my high school self is to apply for more scholarships. Even though I had 10 or more scholarships going into my freshmen year I would have had many more if I would have simply applied for more and been consistent with applying for them.


The advice that I would give myself would be just to stay more focused do not do all that I could to get by and that is what most seniors do. Most high school seniors would start planning for their college years, party their last months of high school away and lose focus on being on stop and those are the things that most seniors do. I would take all my distractions and pay no mind until I got where I needed to be and that is on top. I would strive to get all the scholarships that I could get that I know that I was able to get but also take in all the advice about college that I could.


You need to study way harder than you are! I know its easy now but if you dont get all the simple concepts down, the advanced ones in a collegiate setting will become much more difficult. And once your in college, you have to pay to learn, it literally cost you money to not be quick learner. So quit skating htrough high school with just enough inspiration to graduate, you need to get off your ass and give it your all!


I would say remember to stay focused, learn how to balance fun and work, don't procrasinate, and to not put so much pressure on yourself.


Dan, we need to have a talk. I know you’re probably freaked out, seeing your future self with a now much more attractive physique. But look man; there’s a something we need to talk about. I know on lunch you’re sneaking out to smoke weed, yah it was fun at the time, but you’re being stupid. I know you want to stop, but your under pressure because all of your friends smoke. Who cares about them, once your graduated you ditch them anyways because you are a person who will go somewhere in life, unlike them who will continue to sit on the same couch for years. You don’t need to be in a fog to have fun Daniel. Remember how much you love to hike, discover new places, look for antlers in the forest, fix up classic cars, and talk to new people? All of this you cant do while your smoking weed. Just so you know your going to quit regardless, but please get a head start. Who knows where we would be if you quit earlier? I know for a fact we will have a much more stellar time if you do.


"Procrastination is an abuse of your potential kid!", is precisely what I would yell to my blossoming self. I would rigorously try to convey the fact that the 'just getting by' approach is not getting him(me,us) enough. Not enough education, oppurntunities, or confidence. Not striving to reach my absolute potential is a slap in my own face. Therefore, literally slaping my younger self in my own face would actually serve a purpose. I am the oldest of seven siblings. The oldest child often has a responsibility to lead. To lead is to influence. I would tell myself, "getting to this point in such a sloppy manner is ok, but look forward to reaching your full potential in college because you are being watched, you have a responsiility to inspire." College is my vehicle to inspire my family, my peers, and myself. I would relay this to myself. "My inspiration is to inspire." My younger self should know that procrastination isnt a habit in college, its a handicap in college.


I would teach myself how to manage time and money wisely. College will teach you those two things if nothing else. Going into college you just have to be ready to adjust, thats all I can really say.


I would tell myself that the library is where I need to be. The partys are cool and nice to go too but education is more important.


The college experience has taught me many things so far. College life has made me learn that time management is a very important issue that you must learn how to do well. I've also met a lot of people that i hope to keep in my life ust because of the positive influence that they have had on my life in the short period of time that I have known them. The value of a college education really cant be measured these days it is nearly impossible to find a job that will support you and your family unless you have a college degree. This is why i try to do everything to the best of my abilities in the classroom on a daily basis. The lessons that I have learned this far in my college career will stay with me for a lifetime and help me in my day to day life.


I I have been taking classes every other semester because of being a working wife, mother who is also raising 2 of my grandchildren. I have gotten self respect, boost of self esteem and just plain self satisfaction from going to school. Because of the economy, I have not been able to attend as much because it is not so affordable for me right now. But the inner desire and drive keeps me going at it. I have been a medical transcriptionist for 15 years and I feel a need for change to make myself more marketable. In turn, I am showing my grandchildren, just how much an education is needed and it is never too late to better themselves. I hope you will consider me, as I better myself, I become more of an asset to one of the top Chicago Hospitals in providing better patient care.


Out of my college experience I have obtain better communication skills, and I have been face to face with responsibilty, which kind of frightened me at first since I was not use to being on my own. I have learned how to manage time wisely and I also have gotten a feel of what the real world will be like in the near future. I have also made unforgettable memories, and treasured friendships, and everlasting acquaintances.


I have gained leadership skills and more knowledge. These things are valuable to me because I know that this will help to better my future.


College is like another world on Earth. Since I've been in college I've learned myself, the true meaning of survival and independence, but most importantly I've learned how to be above the competition. College is an essential to a successful life. Me, being confident and the best, has helped me throughout my college experience so far. Becoming a doctor isn't easy and I am sure I will get the best out of life because of my college experience


There are a plethora of things I have gained out of my college experience thus far. Stillman College has offered me numerous opportunities to expand my social and academic networking. By taking a part in our Honda Campus All-Star Challenge team, Modeling Troupe, Student Government Association choir, and our Student Government Association, it is no wonder on how Stillman gave me these opportunities. All in all, Stillman has taught me how to apply myself in pursuing whatever it is I desire to do.


The Stillman College, have given me a driven purpose to learn more about African-Americans, and grow as a young adult.


What have you gotten out of your college experience and why has it been valuable to attend? I have gotten growth out of my college experience, being prepared educational for the field of a cardiologist I hope to become and learning to prepare for future growth as a college student. My college experience first began with sharing a room with a total stranger who does not share the same interest as me. We got along in the beginning, but I barley knew her and I found out at the end we did not click as roommates. Attending college own my own was scary but exciting to me; I was not in my comfort zone and had to deal with it. Living in Georgia all my life and attending college my first year in Alabama was a big step for me. Coming to college was a great experience I met new people, learned and familiarized myself about the history and culture of the school. As for me, my goal was to do my best at everything I do, put my mind and my best foot forward. I learned a valuable lesson called life that will prepare me for the challenging world.


I would apply to more colleges. I would also search more for scholarships. I would have toured more campuses and searched about the college more. I also would have talked to my counselor to ask her opinion.


Be prepared to study, and take time out of your social life to get focused , and complete assignments. Doing work on time actually saves the stress and eventually has more time for extra activities that you may be interested. Also make the most out of school.. people say that COLLEGE life is the best time of your life, so enjoy it but get your work done first.


I would start my own bank account. I would use the money to have something in my pocket.


One would have started early on preparing for the act. One would have started early researching for scholarships and applying to colleges. One would have took classes more serious rather than trying to cram junior and senior year. One would have visit the school counselor more asking what process and steps need to be taking to succeed in getting in to college and to receive scholarsdhips. One would have participated in more organizations and did more community services.


If I had the opportunity to return and talk to myself, I would advise to be more time concerned, safe as much money as possible, and research the schools that I am applying. Also tell myself that college is not as stressful as it may seem, just be more aware of the work and turning in assignments.


go to college and earn a degree it will help you find a good carreer


If there was a possible chance that I could my senior year over, I would study much harder. I also would apply to more colleges and way more scholarships. However I did leave school on a good note. Being in the choir, playing on the varsity basketball team, and being in the school production of Footloose allowed me close that chapter in my life in a good way that I wouldn't change. However, I would allow myself not to get so caught up in the partying, but study more, and take the ACT as many times as I can. I would also strive to make A's on test and not settle for just a B. Striving to be the best by working hard does pay off in the long run. In my junior year in high school, the team went threw a time when we weren't winning many games. So we started to work harder at practice. We ran our sprints, practice our shots and had attitude that we were going to win. As a result we won the City and Area Championship. Winning that championship showed that us working hard does pay off.


When your in highschool u have your parents and teachers that are there for you to depend on and help you out. but once you get to college all that changes. besides your friends you are alone, taking care of your self. your parents are not around so you have to grow up real quick. and with your grades is highschool if you are not doing so well the teacher will maek that effort to spend extra time with you to help bring up your grades. in college you have to make the effort to speak to the teacher about your grades and how to improve them.


I would say the following to myself. When you get to college do not slack up to have fun with the friends and when you get bored don't just watch tv. pick up a book and study. you have alot of time to go to the parties don't rush through your work to go and party


Be the master of your own vessel! Individuals are placed in our path for us to gather information to make an informed decision or plan. Too many of us do not take heed and this can make a distinct difference in our matriculation . Review your class selection's, doing so may mean the difference in graduating on time ! Roommates, just because your assigned one doesn?t mean you have to remain with that person! A harmonious roommate is the second most important selection you will make right after that class selection! Think about it, you?re sharing a small space (sometimes even a bathroom) with someone you?ve never met and in my case did not have the opportunity to get to know even over email through the summer. Have an open mind, but if it doesn?t fit let your housing advisor know and make that change, your sanity and grades will thank you later. Last but certainly not least, get out of your room, classroom and library and have some fun! College is an experience; don?t limit it to what?s just in a textbook, remember there is also something called the life book. Enjoy!


Go to college and don't party so much, study; don't cram 4 test, it hurts around finals


Well, The advice I would give myself is to make sure that the college I choose is the college I will want. I can choose any college in the world easily but the question is that if I choose a college will it benefit me. There are alot of colleges that will not fit the qualities you will want , so the best thing to do is check the colleges first before choosing.


When conducting your potenial colleges, it's essential that that you really get an accurate feel for the school you are considering.This consist of doing a personal tour while school is in session.By doing this you can a real visual of how life on tht campus actually is.


I would tell the student to not just find a school that they think will be fun because they have friends thats going to the same school, I would tell them to find a school that best accommidates them and their major.


Do what's best for you...choose wisely




My advice to parents and students looking for the perfect school would be to not always follow your friends. Finding a college or university is a big decision that can effect the rest of your life. The school should suite you and what you need. It should fit your budget financially, have your major, host a good place to stay- on or off campus, and offer any sports, clubs or fraternities/sororities you want to join. Although the say college is also a time to find yourself, its also good to go into colllege with an idea of who you are so that you do not lose yourself while trying to find yourself. As long as you remember what you went to school for and why you are there, everything should be fine.


The school is almost well-organized. Make sure your child gets involved in a lot of clubs, and activities to stay on track. Please fill out scholarships because going here is very expensive. Make sure you keep up with all your paperwork and never take the niceness for granted. make sure you know what major you intend to study and make sure you get the required classes.


Research the college before choosing one Get students opinion on the school Don't choose it just because it's an HBCU


Parents should'nt make all the choice for there child. There school choice should be their choice. This way they can have the best college experience they can have. College is a journey to embark on their future.


Make sure you do background check on the school if your accepted. Make sure that its the school you want to go to. Do a on campus visit to get the feel of the college life. Make sure that when fall semester begins you have all of your paper work summitted and you have an idea of what classes you need. Always make sure you are finacially prepared for college(parents). Make sure college is what yoou really want to do, not something your parents or gaurdian are forcing you to do. Most students flunk out because they are in college not because they want to be but because they wanted to make theur parents proud!


The adivce I would give to the parents or students is to make sure the college will give you everything you need to receive you college education. Make sure to do full research on the schools that you apply even call and ask to speak to someone if you need to. It is also wise to try and visit each college in person because when you leave for school that school will become your home. Make sure that if you choose to attend that school it will be able to give you everything yo need to reach the mark in your education.


Find somewhere it fits your major and were you can be focus and have fun