Stockton University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school comes from a diverse population of racial ethnicities, as well ages. They have been respectful, and for the most part, quite focused because the library and computer labs are always busy.


My classmates tend to very helpful towards one another since we all want to pass our classes.


My classmates helped me a lot throughout college. I was in a diverse enviroment where everyone's goal was to graduate on time. The students at Richard Stockton College honestly were very inviting. It is good to know that there are still good people in the world. If you had to go anywhere to make friends, I would recommend this college by far.


My classmates might as well be like the wind; I know they are there, but I don't communicate with them.


Rich mommies and daddies sent their children here. The students feel no responsibility to themselves or their work-most of them seem as though they can list a million different places that they'd rather be. Most of the students are from the local area, which is also a detriment to variety and culture in the student body. If you care about your education and lack an unlimited pocket book, this is not the school for you.


My classmates are my soulmates, in a sense; we've only been together for a month or so and yet we already feel like we're a close family.


My classmates in all of my classes are open-minded and great spirited! The professors engage their students in talks that students actually want to particpate in. Ages range from 18 to even 50 years old, which gives other students of different ages to expand their minds with older and younger students. I have enriched my mind because of the wide age range in my studies. I learned to look at the same situation at a different view, which the idea of college is basically about.


my classmates were diverse and hardworking.


Each of my classmates are different from the others; some, like me, really care about working hard to obtain an excellent education, while others go to class just because they are told to.


My classmates vary from the diligent student hungry for real-world knowledge, to the party animal who doesn't value his or her education at all.


Varied. In any one class, you can find whatever trait you want to find in a person, be it age, race, sex, gender, orientation, type A or B, etc.


We are supportive of eachother because we all have the same goal, an education complete with a degree.


My classmates are hard-working; you can tell they want to go somewhere in life.


Classmates are very different from one another with different points of view. As a result of this, you learn to view problems in various ways and are able to come up with different solutions.


Some are very friendly, the older adults in the classroom tend to be over opinionated.


In college you meet a lot of new people. They all have different ways of thinking, ideas and culture. Some are ignorant to what is going on in the world or just don't care to find out what is going on. Others are aware and you can carry on a meaningful conversation with them about different things. You take a little bit away from everyone you meet.


I'm an visual arts major, so most of my classmates tend to also be art major and are probably the most accepting people I will ever meet in my life.


Classmates seem pretty secluded for the most part, low participation in class discussions, etc.


My classmates are very goal oriented, determined, focused people. They know what they want out of life. They are very friendly and outgoing, studious, and involved.


They are the usual college students.


very helpful whenever you have a problem and they become friends for life.


My classmates varry so much from class to class. I feel in a lot of my general courses the students are more laid back and way more friendly than the students in my advanced business classes. A lot of my classmates are starting to feel overwhelmed the harder the courses become and are less friendly. These students also make less of an effort to get to know people which can hurt them especially if they miss class and need to get the classwork somehow and don't even know their classmates names.