Stockton University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Being a caucasion dominated school. It's no secret that there is racial tension on campus, as it has been discussed in both campus gatherings and the school paper.


Our school is best known for Criminal Justice and the Enviroment. It is in the middle of trees and keeps a strong emphasis on enviromental safety. Our mascot is an osprey and it's ideal background screen saver is Lake Fred. It is New Jersey's ultimate beach college and is extremely safe. The tuition is fairly cheap as well and they do a very good job at keeping students on track to finish their degree.


This school is best known for its environmental consciousness and its science programs.


Being New Jersey's distinctive, green college.


The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is best known for its reputation as "New Jersey's Green College" as well as its prestigious, state of the art Marine Biology and Environmental Studies programs.


Stockton College is best known for being the school by the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City. It's also well known for it's nursing and physical therapy programs, along with its environmental education program.


Stockton College is best known for its atmosphere. Everyone who goes here is extremely nice and even if you do not know the person, they say hi to you anyway. It is very relaxing with Lake Fred right there and a quiet campus. The faculty here is the best I've seen than any other school I visited in the past. They are caring and give students enough work to feel like you are learning at a quick pace, but not too much to feel that you are drowning in your first year. This school is the best out there!


The school is most known for being an easy transfer school. They take almost all of your credits so that there arent to mant classes that need to be made up..


Stockton is best know for being a Liberal Arts college. Graduating from college with a Liberal Arts Degree provides students with a well-rounded education to take with them and apply to thier future. At Stockton, all students are required to take courses in general studies; however, studuents are given freedom to choose which general studies courses they take. At other colleges students may be required to take English Composition to fullfill the writing requirement or College Algebra as thier genreal math requirement. At Stockton each student is given many chocies of what can fullfill genreal requirements.


Parties, drugs, alcohol, Alantic City being close. That scene is played out.


RSC is best known for our environmental programs along with hospitality managment.


Stockton is best known for its eco-friendly environment, it's located on a beautiful lake that the students get to see every day. Stockton has many nature inspired paths to walk on and enjoy. Stockton was rated one of the best colleges for liberal arts and just recently has dedicated a whole new program to my major, business.


Soccer games.


Academics - Social Sciences, Math Sciences, and Arts Sports - Basketball, Lacross, Soccer Very personable professors Variety of people and very accepting of everyone's individuality We're GREEN


It's best known for its location and its professors that help cater to their students' needs.


Stockton is best known for how enviromentally green it is, our geothermal system and solar panels on our gym's roof top.


Small Classes, Great Professors


My school is best known for it's programs. It offers many majors and excells in them all.


My school is best known for it's engaging classroom discussions with the professors.


The work we do with the Holocaust survivors